“Why” is the only true religion.

There is so much hatred & thought of disgust going on between the major religions – it sickens me, and it sickens the world.


If a Christian prayer doesn’t meet up to the expectations, one might ask himself, “what have I done wrong to deserve this misfortune?”. 

If a Muslim prayer doesn’t meet up to the expectations, one might ask himself the same.

When a Buddhist realises his current situation, he might ask himself, “what have I done in previous life’s to put myself here now? How can I improve in this life to turn the tide for me?”

If a spiritual person asks himself, “why has it come to be like this? What does this mean?

It does not matter what religion you favor, for it all comes down to spiritual growth. Any religion that manages to bring its followers to questioning themselves has done the job correctly! Insight, wisdom, love… they all start with the question; why. Why do I do this?
Question yourself. Question authority. Question the past, the present & the future.

I have found my self bouncing through many different beliefs in my short life span, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism – now I am floating in a mix between them all, having strong beliefs in both Buddha, Jesus, Krishna & Mohammed.



8 thoughts on ““Why” is the only true religion.

  1. In my opinion, religion and belief is what separates us from the people who do not believe in something faith and religiosity something spiritual Pink E and between God I am a Muslim, I believe that I will perform the obligatory Islamic even be a way of approaching God is of helps me everything you see him from the difficulties and problems of life and my relationship with others

  2. lijiun says:

    May you find the truth in life! Cheers!

  3. MurmingMind says:

    I like it. I guess I was also a devotee of this “WHY” religion all this time but never realising it! The source of answers to these questions is our own ‘self’ which again unites us.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Haha I guess many people ask these question with much reason, and often. Too many just.. don’t /:
      And yes, the source of answers lie witihn the very core of everyone.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog – I hope to hear more from you! :)

  4. Andy, A wise man once said, “If there is a hypocrite standing between you and God, who is closer to God?” I have always interpreted this to mean that I need to search for myself, not to believe every person who jumps up with “the answer” or tells you “you must act exactly like us” to be included.
    All those who seek TRUTH and the true God will find him.
    Jesus said, “Keep seeking, keep asking, keep knocking.”
    I will “beam up” a prayer for you.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Yeah exactly, that’s straight on my point! :) Thank you for such a lovely comment.
      Quite hypocritic of me, actually, to name the post “true”, heh :P
      Hope to see you again here.

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