New Project, New Adventures

So.. I know that most of my former audience is either gone or inactive, but I still want to tell you about my new project.

It’s called veganchocolove and I am proud of it.

I also have a bigger ‘secret’ project comming up soon, but for now I really hope to see you lot on this new site :)

Thanks guys.

I hope you are all well!

About VeganChocoLove





2 thoughts on “New Project, New Adventures

  1. Margarita says:

    Hi Andy, nice to see you!
    Yes, I’ve actually met people who do NOT like chocolate and my sweet husband, a truly enlightened being in most respects, has been known to complain of “too much chocolate.” What?! I’ve followed your new site and look forward to more! ;) xoM

    • Canvasi says:

      Hey Margarita! So nice to see you too – and I’m so happy that you are supporting my new project! I smile every time when I see you there :D

      Regarding your husband; he might be on to something. It’s definitely important to choose wisely and go for quality products whenever you want to eat it :D But.. it is quite hard to imagine a world with “too much chocolate” indeed!


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