New Project, New Adventures

So.. I know that most of my former audience is either gone or inactive, but I still want to tell you about my new project.

It’s called veganchocolove and I am proud of it.

I also have a bigger ‘secret’ project comming up soon, but for now I really hope to see you lot on this new site :)

Thanks guys.

I hope you are all well!

About VeganChocoLove





New start, new concept

Hello! Hopefully some of you are still reading what ever I have to say, heh.
I haven’t been doing much blogging since when I first started due to 1.000 personal obstacles that had to be overcome.

CANVASI is a brand new blog, in which I try to promote new and upcoming artists through free publicity.
It is, as said, brand new, and therefore if needs a tiny tad of support ;)

So I hope you’ll see this post and spend 60 seconds exploring this link :)

Have a VERY nice day


The Rainbow Family

This summer I am going to see the Rainbow Family again. I went there last summer in August, and now I can’t wait to experience them again! And yes, it truly is an experience!

When you arrive, the first thing that greets you is a lot of people with open arms, running towards you for a hug & a “welcome home” – even though it might be your first time meeting them. From there on, you can choose what ever you’d like to do for a whole month. Every kind of esoteric workshop is present, and every kind of love is found there.

The Rainbow Family is a non-organized, anti-money cultural meeting & center of wisdom, as I would describe it.

I will be going there in a month’s time, from start of July to the end of August, probably. When I come home I will dedicate all of my time towards this blog to make it more consistent, better, and just more positive as a whole for you guys to read.

Until then, I will use it on and off as I have been doing lately, but still I’ll try to write some good information for you to read.

I love you, and thank you sincerely for sticking with me this far.

Quote #7 – experience.

“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you DO with what happens to you” – Aldous Huxley.

Somebody once stated, I don’t remember who, that life is 10% events & 90% choices.
It does not matter how many positive or negative episodes you go through, if you fail to see the lesson that is put before you in THAT very moment.

Have a good one! (:


Love – The knight on the white horse exists!

Finding the right partner is all about balance – there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman, but there may be just the perfect match for you!

For me, life is all about learning, and when we meet people & form our own social circle, we tend to pick & choose between who fits our needs, and who doesn’t. When I say “fits our needs”, I mean the needs our souls have to overcome the next obstacle, the next lesson in life. I think that the more awakened you are, the more you tend to switch between friends inside this social circle – whenever we need to overcome jealousy, we might seek to be with people who can handle it in a positive way, and whenever we need to learn kindness, we tend to seek kind people.

So, I think, it is with love. Big time. We tend to choose our partners after what qualities we lack in accordance to what the partner has. This is why we see so many couples who are almost the complete opposite, but have been together for forty years in balance with each other.

For me, that love is right now a girl called Luna. She is grounded where I am not, she is kind where I am strict. She is harsh where I am soft, and she is playful where I am boring – sometimes the other way around ;)

The whole reasons for this post was the thought of the knight on the white horse. He DOES exist, but only the way YOU see him. To others, he may look like a simple stable boy, but it is what you seek vs what he has, which makes him YOUR prince!

Thank you for reading.

Have a good one! (: