My intention with this entire blog project is to be able to write a book – a book where I try to find an answer to how we upgrade our world, by downgrading negative things – step by step.

The book should have a “slap-in-the-face-with-some-easy-to-understand-facts-about-how-living-a-positive-life-can-improve-everything-about-you-and-which-we-therefore-all-should-be-able-to-agree-upon” – effect. My somewhat ambitious dream is to unite as many different people as possible, just like religions do – but it won’t be a religion. Actually, where I’m heading is much like Buddhism. Because if you stop believing and start researching you will discover that Buddhism was founded by a man, who could not stand the fact that people suffer – and not a god. He decided to figure out how everyone could be set free of their sufferings. – My version will be a bit less harsh, as I don’t want to force anyone to meditate under a tree for days or weeks until they find the true meaning like Buddha did. Actually, if I should one day become some kind of a leader, I won’t force anyone to do anything.

I’m not a big fan of religions because they tend to give men crazy ideas. But I am a big fan of uniting people together for the sake of a greater state of enlightenment! So vote for me! – Nah, just kidding ;)

My intention wi…