Back on Track? – not so much…

I’ve gotten myself a writer’s block… And a thinker’s block :(

My days consist of absolutely nothing, and my throat hurts like hell!

I hope that a new “era” of school can help the inspiration find its way to my head, in three weeks :)

I apologize if any of you expects me to write in this period of time, because I may not be able to /:

But who knows? Maybe I’ll get something off of my head!

Anyways, thanks for your support – it means A LOT! :)



Back on Track!

111 followers… I’ve never dreamed of hitting that number while being gone! THANK YOU – is what I can say to make you aware of my gratefulness! And speaking of gone – I’ve promised to be back at July the 16th at latest… So here I am, 8 days after my own deadline, sorry! 

One of the reasons may be that I have been terrible ill (throat stuff) – another may be that my computer broke down, and we’ve been out searching for a new, good laptop for a few days. But BOOM – now I have it! :)

As promised though – I will get on with the making of my friend’s art-blog, find it here: :) 

– All right Andy, get on with it! 

See you in two weeks, dear WordPress community :)

In a few hours I will be moving myself towards the Roskilde Festival! And after that, I have a mini-vacation at a friend’s house. Therefore I will not be able to do anything that includes a computer until around July the 13-16th (I don’t know the accurate date yet) ;)

I will leave you with a well-thought quote from J.F.Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” – Keep that in mind every time you decide to make a change, but haven’t figured out whether to resort to violence or not :)

I wish you all a happy time of blogging, reading and growing until we meet again! And by the way, if you just stumbled upon this blog – feel free to comment posts despite the fact that I can’t answer them for a while :) It would warm my blogger-heart to come home to brand new comments! :D

By the way! When I hit 100 followers, I will make a brand new blog for friend’s artwork and things like that so that this blog will be more focused on “deep shit” :)

Have a VERY nice few weeks until we meet again :)

Damn… I all ready miss you…

– Andy