The Rainbow Family

This summer I am going to see the Rainbow Family again. I went there last summer in August, and now I can’t wait to experience them again! And yes, it truly is an experience!

When you arrive, the first thing that greets you is a lot of people with open arms, running towards you for a hug & a “welcome home” – even though it might be your first time meeting them. From there on, you can choose what ever you’d like to do for a whole month. Every kind of esoteric workshop is present, and every kind of love is found there.

The Rainbow Family is a non-organized, anti-money cultural meeting & center of wisdom, as I would describe it.

I will be going there in a month’s time, from start of July to the end of August, probably. When I come home I will dedicate all of my time towards this blog to make it more consistent, better, and just more positive as a whole for you guys to read.

Until then, I will use it on and off as I have been doing lately, but still I’ll try to write some good information for you to read.

I love you, and thank you sincerely for sticking with me this far.


Love – The knight on the white horse exists!

Finding the right partner is all about balance – there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman, but there may be just the perfect match for you!

For me, life is all about learning, and when we meet people & form our own social circle, we tend to pick & choose between who fits our needs, and who doesn’t. When I say “fits our needs”, I mean the needs our souls have to overcome the next obstacle, the next lesson in life. I think that the more awakened you are, the more you tend to switch between friends inside this social circle – whenever we need to overcome jealousy, we might seek to be with people who can handle it in a positive way, and whenever we need to learn kindness, we tend to seek kind people.

So, I think, it is with love. Big time. We tend to choose our partners after what qualities we lack in accordance to what the partner has. This is why we see so many couples who are almost the complete opposite, but have been together for forty years in balance with each other.

For me, that love is right now a girl called Luna. She is grounded where I am not, she is kind where I am strict. She is harsh where I am soft, and she is playful where I am boring – sometimes the other way around ;)

The whole reasons for this post was the thought of the knight on the white horse. He DOES exist, but only the way YOU see him. To others, he may look like a simple stable boy, but it is what you seek vs what he has, which makes him YOUR prince!

Thank you for reading.

Have a good one! (:

Quote #5, honesty

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” – Thomas Jefferson

If we cannot be honest to ourselves, we cannot be honest to others.  If we are dishonest when we act, only falseness will lead our way. Strive towards honesty in all actions & words, and only true things will happen to you.

Dishonesty cultivates fear. Fear is a major obstacle between mere knowledge, and wisdom.

Have a great time (:

“Why” is the only true religion.

There is so much hatred & thought of disgust going on between the major religions – it sickens me, and it sickens the world.


If a Christian prayer doesn’t meet up to the expectations, one might ask himself, “what have I done wrong to deserve this misfortune?”. 

If a Muslim prayer doesn’t meet up to the expectations, one might ask himself the same.

When a Buddhist realises his current situation, he might ask himself, “what have I done in previous life’s to put myself here now? How can I improve in this life to turn the tide for me?”

If a spiritual person asks himself, “why has it come to be like this? What does this mean? Continue reading

To vegetarian from meateater in just one day.

I have always admired people who could justify being a vegetarian. I’ve always wanted to live as one, but never quite had a reasonable reason to do so.

It’s bad for the animals – didn’t really do it for me. If that was my argument, I would have to stop using motorized vehicles, listen to loud music, support modern society in all of its ways, pretty much.

It’s way cheaper for society to eat vegetarian, than not – yeah… so is a lot of things. It is way cheaper for us to bike around rather than drive, to grow food in personal gardens, to stop consumerism etc.

It’s bad for the environment – again, so is everything else that we do here, anno 2014.

It’s physically unhealthy to eat meat” – Indeed, many of the new diseases come from the consumption & keeping of livestock, but then I would have to stop eating anything with grain in it (bread, pasta, oatmeal), and sugar as well. I don’t think I can handle all those three classes of food at once. If you didn’t know, grain is basically biochemical warfare against your intestines, as the lectins in every seed has evolved to prevent other organisms from ever eating it again – it’s a serious poison)

There are many more reasons for one to go veggie, but only two reasons really appeal to me.

One day last week I was eating meat gladly, when I asked my girlfriend, “would you like to see the new movie, Noah?”. One thing lead to another, and 4 hours later we sat down in front of the big screen.
I recalled Noah saying to one of his sons, “no, we don’t eat animals”. From THAT moment it became clear to me that… of course! They are animals! You DON’T EAT ANIMALS! Since then, it’ has been very uncomfortable for me to even think about eating a piece of meat.

For three years I have been in awe, fascinated by the people who had an honest reason not to eat meat, and now I’ve joined their site of the “battle”.
Thát moment, that day, it just turned for me. All of my previous discussions with people whom I admire, all of my previous arguments that for some reason didn’t make sense to my heart – vanished. And I love it.

It feels wrong! 


Thank you for sticking with me :)

What is YOUR reason not to eat meat?


Cheating is not the problem – the cause is.

“180 students from 10th grade have been peeking on four of the exam’s tests, giving them an unfair advantage in comparison to everyone else” – the top line reads. Here you can read for yourself, if you read the language.

The problem is, in my eyes, the way in which our society choses to deal with such events – by… not dealing with them at all! My mother has been a teacher for some 15+ years, and when I ask her, “what do you do to stop students from cheating?“, both she & her colleagues say that it is normal for students & people in general to cheat, and that they will always do so.

YEAH… if you give them a reason to do so! There is absolutely NO crime, big or small, that occurs at a complete random.
I don’t have a problem with the students who are cheating, no, my problem lies in the reaction from the authorities – in this case the teacher community.

What I am trying to point out here, is the natural existence of cause & effect. The pressure, the stress put on every young person in this modern society to succeed BETTER than everyone else is the cause, and the cheating is the effect. (and it happens aaaaaa LOT! I’ve just been there for 11 years, trust me!) Compare it to a barrel filled with too much water; when the pressure is too immense, the water will start leaking out of every little crack it can find.

In fact, cheating happens far more frequently than any teacher would like to admit. Many of these teachers know it, but they just don’t care! Nobody cares! Not even the honest students sitting right next to them, knowing every single detail of what’s going on. Who cares? Pfff.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, that before we Laissez Faire with these problems, take a step away from the ego, a step into third person’s perspective & try to see what truly is the problem & the cause of people cheating.

Our culture is built in such a way that it simply CANNOT sustain itself, and when it cracks down, too many people deny, deny, deny – put it on the shelf only to have it smack right back on us ten or twenty years later. This culture is trying to achieve something very unnatural; a perfect line upwards. Nature is just not designed that way… We have summer, then we have winter. We have day, then we have night.

I hope I’ve made myself understood. Feel free to comment below, like & follow my blog if you like what you see here!
Have a good one <3

Jobs are the last thing we need in this society.



The picture reads, “Land devastated by Shell oil spills and gas flaring”

Jobs are the very last thing we need in this society.

“Create more jobs!” they say. Politicians scream this over & over everywhere I go. But… why would we need them? In a politicians eye, they are good for one thing, and one thing only; money. And money is good for the people, supposedly. But is it really?

What has money done for us in, say, the last 5000 years? Has it made us “richer”? Has it made us more wealthy as a whole, as a world? Happier?
We live our whole life concerned about this one thing, but all we really DO is exhaust our selves, our earth & each other.

When I look around, I still see poverty, I still see homelessness, I still see murders, war, crimes against humanity paid for with money, and on a daily basis, we desecrate the very foundations of LIFE when we spill oil into wildlife & cause all kinds of diseases for both people & animals alike – all in the name of profit.

Money truly is the ultimate tool of enslavement, designed to make rich people richer, and poor people poorer.
PEOPLE build the buildings, sow the crops, harvest them. PEOPLE do the math, solve the problems, steer the wheel. PEOPLE are what keeps people alive. Money only distances us away from each other.

What’s job got to do with it? We need something to do… 

Jobs, while, yes – giving us something to do, also make us too tired in our minds to think about anything else.
Jobs create the illusion that we are actually achieving something with our lives. But… are we really?

Of course “achieving” is very subjective, but in my eyes it stands for spiritual insight, helping the world to achieve balance, as well as helping yourself master this fine dance of the tightrope.
Jobs & the 40-50 of often tedious weekly hours that come with it greatly distract our brains from thinking, and our hearts from feeling. All it does is making our reality seem more & more numb for each dull meaningless task that we are “ordered” or otherwise required to do.

Jobs make us forget that what we really want is to grow, to learn, to strive for love & health, for spiritual wealth & balance.
Jobs make us forget who we really are. 

Thanks for reading.

What do you think? Discuss with me in the comment section below!