Let’s be mentally equal instead?

Gender equality is a huge thing these days. Women should have as much influence as men – we should all have the same job opportunities, male as female. Many women want to see men take care of the kids while they provide bread for the family. In short, modern women should be able to do whatever the modern male individual is doing.

“Equality of the genders” – they call it.

In my eyes this is not deep enough to be healthy long-term. In fact, this seems kind of superficial. Here’s why:

 Stone Age

A long time back in time, when 99% of our DNA was developed, we had gender-specific professions. The men hunted, crafted & did almost everything related to the usage of muscle and raw survival techniques. Women, having an EQUALLY important role in “society”, well they cooked, gathered, looked after the children most of the time etc. This is still how our subconscious sees the world.

This instinct that lies so deep in us has NOT changed. However, our free will has – quite a bit. The way we think of these roles. Instinct has nothing really to do with thinking. So today, what we get, is people arguing: “hey, do the men think they are stronger than women? Better? More intelligent? Let the women do the fun stuff!” – or something similar.

What many fail to consider here is the “ficial” (opposite of superficial? Haha) equality.

I mean, way back in time, people knew the importance of each single individual’s role in society. The men needed to be able to just sit back and relax when they came home from long hunting travels and whatnot. The men highly appreciated everything their women did for them. Women were simply the core of her mans’ capability out in the world, so to say. Anyhow, this is more my assumption than it is actual evidence. It is hard to find this evidence from that long ago, haha (:

But the same principles still apply today.

Why have physical equality, appreciating just what we can see without thinking.

Let’s have MENTAL equality. Let’s support the other gender in whatever profession he or she has occupied. For our own sake, let us just BE equal instead of the pretentious tendencies we have evolved today.

Love everybody.


What is a “long walk”?

I happen to be quite experienced in asking people where this or that is, and how far away it may be.

This is not a very big deal, but still I find it pretty interesting.

I’ve found that people who walk less are more likely to exaggerate in distances. People who, on the other extreme walk for many hours a day, tend to know more precisely how far away the nearest, be it bus station or beach, is. I honestly expected trained walkers to highly underestimate and say things like “ah, it’s nothing” – but generally they don’t. In other words; they have experience.

Could this be converted into other, deeper aspects of life and society? In other words; should we let those with valid experience do the talking and the rest of us keep to the listening?

I’ve been in quite a lot of situations where this question would have fit in perfectly. Have you?


Have a very nice day. (:

Why are you sick? Stop it.

When people are sick, I ask them why. Be it friends, family or random people who I happen to talk with. I ask them: Why are you sick? But they often they look at me as if I don’t understand that sickness, minor or major, is a random occurring event in the body. They seem somewhat baffled by this question. Any ways the conversation always ends there with an “I don’t know”, and we continue by talking about something else.

But this is important for me. And for the rest of that conversation I can focus on nothing else than the in my eyes weird lack of responsibility in the other person’s view on life. View on health. Is it not disturbing or at least a bit saddening if we were not in control of our own lives? That we are just numb blumbs who sit back, not having anything to do with anything? Because, the way I see it, we are either in, or not in control. There is no compromise here, no such thing as half-control.

The past couple of years I have researched a lot about different reasons to this and that. Many of them being why different diseases, infections, illnesses etc. thrive in our bodies when we act certain ways. Some psychological, some plain out logical. Like the bus driver complaining about a sore back (too many hours sitting) or the alcoholic complaining about a liver failure (obvious?)

Some are more complex like “why do I get a cold six times a year?” – a bad diet would be the biggest factor here.  Some of the biggest ones like cancer are also your choice, but in a different way, but I will not discuss them here. I have had some experiences that have convinced me that I am more or less right in what I have to say about the big ones, like cancer, but these experiences cannot easily be transferred to other people. Maybe I will write about it in the future (:

SO! I am a firm believer that we are in full control of everything happening to us. Every minor and major event. Every downfall and uprising as well. And guess what. Since I started realizing this (as well as changing my diet) I have not had a single day of sore throat, flu or in any other way felt sick for a full year now. Before, I would be “dysfunctional” five to ten times a year. But I wanted to know why, I wanted to find the reasons and eliminate them. And now I know it can be done. So ask yourself:

Why are YOU sick?

Thank you for sticking with me (: I hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice day.

If soldies were thinking they would quit the army.

War!.. What do “adult” people tell the young ones who get bullied in school? >> don’t hit him back, be the responsible one, show him compassion, be his friend<< they might say, and wrap it up with >> fighting violence with violence only promotes violence<<. And then they go back to their homes, their living rooms and TV’s. Sit down, numb to the fact that bombs and war machines are flying above their heads – heading out to “save the country”.

>>A country needs protection<< they might say. >>It is not the same, war is more complicated, involves more lives and can simply not be compared<< Is it not the same? I ask. If  not the same scenario then at least the exact same psychology? Feelings?

You tell your children to stop hitting back the bully. You tell them to take responsibility for one another, be compassionate, promote friendliness. Despite of the fact that you know your child’s defences might be down for the next blow from the bully, you encourage them to do this. You said >>violence promotes violence<< 

So when is it time to lower the defences of a country? When you’ve bombed the other country to pieces or before that? Taking a risk in being vulnerable, but guess what! This is where awareness, growth and a deeper love comes to the picture!

Cancel all military actions and quit the military.

As Frederick II the Great, king of Prussia once said: “If soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army”

Much love & a happy day! Hope you enjoyed (:


We are a part of earth (book)

How is it possible to buy or sell the sky and the warmth of earth? The thought of this is us unfamiliar. If we do not own the fresh of air and glittering of water – how can you buy them?

Beautiful quote from chieftain Seattle in his speech & respond to the white man in the 1850’s trying to buy the red man’s living space.

Different reason not to ‘weed it up’

Sigrid 5

Some people choose not to smoke because it is illegal. Some people because it is addictive as hell. Other people due to health reasons. Some people realize that it creates a foggy barrier in communication between those who smoke, and those who do not. Some people, on the other hand, choose to Continue reading

Suspending Disbelief is the Cure

A well-written easy read for the heart.
The writer of this post surely hits the nail correctly when she challenges us to make a list of the doubts that hold us back. Check it out! :D


If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Doubt. I would cure … doubt.

Because doubt is the thing that keeps us from trying.

Doubt is the thing that keeps us from achieving.

Doubt is the thing that keeps us from believing that the most amazing things can happen.

Doubt is the thing that holds us back and makes us … miss the magic.

My girl-child just started reading a book in her third grade class about the great Shoeless Joe Jackson.

So. Without a doubt, we had to watch Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams. A story about a farmer. A farmer who believed. A farmer who believed and built a baseball field. A baseball field in the middle of a corn field.

And then watched as his childhood heroes stepped through the stalks and played a game.

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