Back on Track!

111 followers… I’ve never dreamed of hitting that number while being gone! THANK YOU – is what I can say to make you aware of my gratefulness! And speaking of gone – I’ve promised to be back at July the 16th at latest… So here I am, 8 days after my own deadline, sorry! 

One of the reasons may be that I have been terrible ill (throat stuff) – another may be that my computer broke down, and we’ve been out searching for a new, good laptop for a few days. But BOOM – now I have it! :)

As promised though – I will get on with the making of my friend’s art-blog, find it here: :) 

– All right Andy, get on with it! 


4 thoughts on “Back on Track!

  1. Margarita says:

    Welcome back, Andy! I was starting to miss you! :)

  2. Melbin says:

    You welcome, Andy. How you feeling now?

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