“When we deny what we truly want, we deny what we can achieve. When we deny what we can achieve, we deny who we truly are. When we deny who we truly are, in the heart, we abandon our foremost responsibility as human beings. When we abandon ourselves, we create chaos”.

But there can be no creation without chaos. The greatest trees grow in the ashes of the forest.

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Different reason not to ‘weed it up’

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Some people choose not to smoke because it is illegal. Some people because it is addictive as hell. Other people due to health reasons. Some people realize that it creates a foggy barrier in communication between those who smoke, and those who do not. Some people, on the other hand, choose to Continue reading

Reblog comment from Atheistforum about suffering and unreasonable explanations.

As I was scrolling the WordPress reader I came across this guy talking about suffering and why it is there. (link to the post down below)

He stated that some suffering is there to build our character. I agree, for with suffering comes challenge and with challenge there will be growth.

Sometimes we deserve suffering. We deserve it if we do something silly like put our hand in a fire. God gives us freedom to make mistakes.”

Though I am not attached to a religion, I agree that freedom of choice is a god-given trait and that we should be treated the way we act and think. Doing nonsense things should hit us across the face so we will stop doing them. Like putting a hand in the fire…

Then he loses me. He says:

Yet some suffering seems inexplicable, undeserved or disproportionate. Here the Old Testament book of Job helps. Job knew suffering yet the book says that sometimes the reasons for our pain are beyond our understanding.

So.. does he just give up then? Doesn’t he want to explore a bit more? Or is this book enough for him? Hmm. Not for me. Is it for you? No matter how intense our suffering is, there will always be something to learn from it, I think. The thing called the Law of Attachment will give you a much more profound understanding of what is “beyond our understanding” – apparently.

It basically explains how, whenever there is attachment, there will be suffering. And that this is the only reason for attachment. This kind of mentality is kind of hardcore, though.

Psychologically suffering is, and I agree, 100% due to attachment.

Sad about moving to another town? Attachment. Sad about wrecking your car? Attachment. Suffering from other people’s opinions about you? Attachment. Suffering from passed away parents or family members? Again, it is all about attachment. Some yogis would even state that physical pain is due to attachment to your current body, and they will spend their whole life getting rid of this one attachment. To no longer feel physical pain.

Many people would say that it is cold, foul, cynic and even unreasonable. But it is actually completely opposite. Detaching yourself from diverse people and objects or situations will allow you to remain unaffected by unhealthy disorders like stress and mood swings, and will help you to stay calm in all of life’s aspects, all while increasing your appreciation for fellow human beings and boosting a lot of other positive traits aswell. It is amazing.

Now, I’m not telling you guys what is wrong and what is right. Of course we are all allowed to cry when our parents die and that kind of stuff. I am simply trying to go a little further than what might be for some, beyond their understanding – as believing christians supposedly states, and offer a solution to the very subject; suffering. Okay this is beginning to sound weird, haha. All I’m saying is that there IS a reason to every kind of suffering, and there IS a way out of it. It’s simply a matter of how the human mind works, is build, changes and, with the right balance of devotion and reason, grows.

He kind of finishes of by saying that one day there will be no more tears or pain, that we do not know why it is here, but that one day it shall all end. So.. he expects it to just come from nowhere or what? I just do not see the reason in that. And this is why it was of great importance to me to write this post.

Pleasure is given to us, sometimes we take it. Happiness is one long stream of constant internal struggle.

Thank you for reading :) Have a nice day!

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Add a little Compassion to the Love

This is the follow-up to my Add a little Love – post.

What exactly defines a compassionate person? Is it the way he behaves? Is it the way he thinks? Is it the way he gazes upon you? Is it the way he understands that everything and everyone is connected?

I think it is a good compilation of these and many other factors.

Due to the lack of solid knowledge, I am going to let the Dalai Lama take the lead.

*This following text is taken and translated directly from the book “The Art of Happiness” – of Howard C. Cutler based on an interview with the Dalai Lama*

Give it a go maestro!

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Add a little Love!

It is basically all families and couples who form our entire world.

We must therefore develop our relationship with each other in a small scale before we turn to our fellow beings – or is it actually the other way around? I personally haven’t got any problems with loving my friends, girlfriends and family. But I know that a lot of people do. Have you ever heard of the boyfriend who tends to slap his girlfriend? Or the father who’s beating his wife and/or son – or even just being generally rude and would rather overwork instead of being with his family? – (What I call mental violence)

And I try my hardest (of course still under development) to show love to any stranger I meet. But then again, I know a lot of people who treat their loved ones with respect, but tend to growl at anyone who dares to threaten them. So their first reaction to a stranger + their loved ones is distrust – and distrust, my ladies and gentlemen, is one of love’s arch enemies. So how do we develop a strong and healthy form of love to our nearest and furthest fellow beings?

Yes! How?

Whoa! Take it easy – I thought to myself. Firstly I think it is important to define love.A wise teacher and kind friend of mine once said “love is when we dare to be vulnerable in one another’s presence”. – And I think he hit the nail on the head right there. Think about it; when we truly love someone, the ultimate sign thereof is to open up our hearts and expect its content to be fully respected. – So just to find the root of this feeling: leads us to the essence of love (as I see it) trust à vulnerability à love! And on top of that, respect must always be involved.

And as pretty much everybody agrees on money to be the key factor for a society to survive, we must remember who make the money – the people! And what makes people able to live? Love!  Therefore love should come before money in any society.

Learning “universal” love

It is time for a wise sentence that has been used by many wise men throughout the years.

“We are all the same. Same right to live a happy life. Same need of food, water and sleep to exist. Same basic potential. Religion, country, sex, appearance are all secondary. Therefore we must embrace each stranger, as if they were brothers and sisters, because we all are!” – (And no, that does not mean that we all exercise incest all the time;))

When I feel that I’m starting to build up aggression towards another – I simply stop myself and say “Hey! Yes, he might have a stupid opinion or behavior, but he still has the right to a happy life, and he doesn’t get that if I build up negative energy towards about him.” – And it usually works! The lazy delivery-guy is just a young man who tries to survive the tough labor. The annoyed police-officer is just yet another family dad – trying to provide his closest with hot water and bread. It takes some time to get used to this kind of “mental state”, but it gets much more comfortable living like this in the long run. But along with all of this, it is of course allowed to correct or inform others about their negative behavior, but do it with manner! Do it with a calm voice and a smile:)

And when this mindset is… set – trust comes as a natural spawn hereof.

Personal love

We must learn to give each other some great experiences in bed and in our everyday life. Good sex releases substances in the brain that produce energy, joy, can ease stress and headaches. Do you and your husband have a clumsy sex-life? Just listen to, read and watch the many stories out there, that show how a couple’s life can turn from “we don’t want to tire ourselves with sex after a long day of work” to “we don’t mind a long work-day because we know that we’re going to have great sex afterwards”. (Maybe these stories are more accepted by the mainstream in Denmark, but you get the point;))

And if you have absolutely no idea of how to improve your sex-life – go see a sexologist! Don’t be ashamed about it, be aroused and embrace your new learning’s and discoveries. But most important of all – communicate with each other about it! We don’t want that childish “I’m too proud to appear weak” – thing.

When it comes to love at a more spiritual level, we need to have a look at compassion.

I will try my hardest to get a “compassion” post up as soon as possible :)

Hopefully tomorrow!

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