What is a “long walk”?

I happen to be quite experienced in asking people where this or that is, and how far away it may be.

This is not a very big deal, but still I find it pretty interesting.

I’ve found that people who walk less are more likely to exaggerate in distances. People who, on the other extreme walk for many hours a day, tend to know more precisely how far away the nearest, be it bus station or beach, is. I honestly expected trained walkers to highly underestimate and say things like “ah, it’s nothing” – but generally they don’t. In other words; they have experience.

Could this be converted into other, deeper aspects of life and society? In other words; should we let those with valid experience do the talking and the rest of us keep to the listening?

I’ve been in quite a lot of situations where this question would have fit in perfectly. Have you?


Have a very nice day. (: