Andy’s Monthly Challenge #1

I’ve thought a lot about starting some sort of challenge-thingy. So here it is. These challenges will be fun (sometimes), exciting, hard and hopefully sense- and mind-developing.:) First off I challenge you to live like a physically challenged being. Be it 20 minutes – while eating a meal, or a whole day – if you don’t have any plans anyway. In a minute I will give you some examples, but first I want to explain why I challenge you to do this.

This is not just any kind of blog, and if you’re a follower of mine you will know that this blog is about us. People! My attempt to contribute to some of the biggest questions and problems a society filled with people like us has to deal with. And one of the “problems” is awareness. Too many people are not aware of what is going on all around them – in fact most of us only experience approximately 10-15% of the world. The other 90-85% is experienced by people who then again might not experience your 15%, but only theirs. Besides that, we have a physical and a psychological way of experiencing – mostly I’m all about altering the psychological way, but now it’s time for the physical. But it is unavoidable to develop our mind, when we develop our physics – and likewise. So please don’t complain when you discover that this challenge will develop your heart and mind, too ;)

All right! This is my attempt to expand that 10-15 percentage a little. (Now keep in mind that I’m not trying to develop pity for the ones who’s every single day is affected by this)

Here are some suggestions or “guidelines”:

–          Eat your meal, but blindfolded, sitting on the ground or with no cutlery. (This sounds a bit disgusting, but try to turn it into something fun!) I did all of these three a couple of times myself, so it IS tested ;) And if you have a family, then why not make some family fun out of this? I tried that once too.

–          Try, if you’re home alone with no plans for instance, to completely eliminate your hearing.

–          Try going to work blindfolded or “deaf”.

–          Or try to walk around and do everyday house chores blindfolded or with one hand at your back for a couple of hours.

These are just a small sample of what I could think of right now. Be free to make up your own and write a comment with what your idea is all about! :)


–          Pick any of these or make up your own, and practice them for at least 20 minutes each month.

–          Post a comment with what you did and for how long.

And… that’s about it. :) Have fun with it!

I think I am going to try the home-alone-with-no-hearing – one :) What about you?

*I will be writing a completely new and fresh challenge the 1st of each month. Feel free to give me ideas etc.*