Drug, drugs, drugs, drugs – no! LOVE!

In my short life I have never taken any drug of any kind. And when I say drug, I mainly speak marijuana which is the most popular – and with good reason, too.

I have READ that it should expand your mind and make you more aware of how things really are.

A.K.A. a value- or window-opening drug. That plus the nerve calming effect makes a perfect mix for the modern human being. (Now I’m not going to mention the numerous negative effects of this drug, because that is not what I am about right now) ;)

What I meant to say was that I can only imagine how it feels to be on, for instance – pot!

And when I look at how my friends act with and without these effects, well then I can only think of one other “healthy” comparison – LOVE!

Whenever they are in love, I see the same behavior patterns as when they’re drugged:

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