To vegetarian from meateater in just one day.

I have always admired people who could justify being a vegetarian. I’ve always wanted to live as one, but never quite had a reasonable reason to do so.

It’s bad for the animals – didn’t really do it for me. If that was my argument, I would have to stop using motorized vehicles, listen to loud music, support modern society in all of its ways, pretty much.

It’s way cheaper for society to eat vegetarian, than not – yeah… so is a lot of things. It is way cheaper for us to bike around rather than drive, to grow food in personal gardens, to stop consumerism etc.

It’s bad for the environment – again, so is everything else that we do here, anno 2014.

It’s physically unhealthy to eat meat” – Indeed, many of the new diseases come from the consumption & keeping of livestock, but then I would have to stop eating anything with grain in it (bread, pasta, oatmeal), and sugar as well. I don’t think I can handle all those three classes of food at once. If you didn’t know, grain is basically biochemical warfare against your intestines, as the lectins in every seed has evolved to prevent other organisms from ever eating it again – it’s a serious poison)

There are many more reasons for one to go veggie, but only two reasons really appeal to me.

One day last week I was eating meat gladly, when I asked my girlfriend, “would you like to see the new movie, Noah?”. One thing lead to another, and 4 hours later we sat down in front of the big screen.
I recalled Noah saying to one of his sons, “no, we don’t eat animals”. From THAT moment it became clear to me that… of course! They are animals! You DON’T EAT ANIMALS! Since then, it’ has been very uncomfortable for me to even think about eating a piece of meat.

For three years I have been in awe, fascinated by the people who had an honest reason not to eat meat, and now I’ve joined their site of the “battle”.
Thát moment, that day, it just turned for me. All of my previous discussions with people whom I admire, all of my previous arguments that for some reason didn’t make sense to my heart – vanished. And I love it.

It feels wrong! 


Thank you for sticking with me :)

What is YOUR reason not to eat meat?



2 thoughts on “To vegetarian from meateater in just one day.

  1. Margarita says:

    Ah, enlightenment. Welcome! xoM

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