Cheating is not the problem – the cause is.

“180 students from 10th grade have been peeking on four of the exam’s tests, giving them an unfair advantage in comparison to everyone else” – the top line reads. Here you can read for yourself, if you read the language.

The problem is, in my eyes, the way in which our society choses to deal with such events – by… not dealing with them at all! My mother has been a teacher for some 15+ years, and when I ask her, “what do you do to stop students from cheating?“, both she & her colleagues say that it is normal for students & people in general to cheat, and that they will always do so.

YEAH… if you give them a reason to do so! There is absolutely NO crime, big or small, that occurs at a complete random.
I don’t have a problem with the students who are cheating, no, my problem lies in the reaction from the authorities – in this case the teacher community.

What I am trying to point out here, is the natural existence of cause & effect. The pressure, the stress put on every young person in this modern society to succeed BETTER than everyone else is the cause, and the cheating is the effect. (and it happens aaaaaa LOT! I’ve just been there for 11 years, trust me!) Compare it to a barrel filled with too much water; when the pressure is too immense, the water will start leaking out of every little crack it can find.

In fact, cheating happens far more frequently than any teacher would like to admit. Many of these teachers know it, but they just don’t care! Nobody cares! Not even the honest students sitting right next to them, knowing every single detail of what’s going on. Who cares? Pfff.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, that before we Laissez Faire with these problems, take a step away from the ego, a step into third person’s perspective & try to see what truly is the problem & the cause of people cheating.

Our culture is built in such a way that it simply CANNOT sustain itself, and when it cracks down, too many people deny, deny, deny – put it on the shelf only to have it smack right back on us ten or twenty years later. This culture is trying to achieve something very unnatural; a perfect line upwards. Nature is just not designed that way… We have summer, then we have winter. We have day, then we have night.

I hope I’ve made myself understood. Feel free to comment below, like & follow my blog if you like what you see here!
Have a good one <3


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