Songs of peace

We’re all here, trying to do our best – striving to achieve the next
We’re all out there, building each our own atmosphere
Each day passes  by, and we struggle to figure why
Is this all temporary, or is this an infinite reality?

Each cycle we start again, achieving little but pathetic pain
Every night and every day, we ask ourselves; why not today?
What we really need to know, is that where we flow, we grow
What really matters is not thought, neither is it normally sought

To learn, to know, to use it how, only come from deep within.
The felt can tell us what we should, and with what we should begin.
Songs of peace take neither praise, nor do they take awe.
Songs of peace and love is there, for us together to solve.


I just felt like writing this.
Does it mean anything to you? If so, tell us what – in the comments below! (:


2 thoughts on “Songs of peace

  1. valismyname says:

    That was really touching and enjoyable. Thank you :)

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