Jobs are the last thing we need in this society.



The picture reads, “Land devastated by Shell oil spills and gas flaring”

Jobs are the very last thing we need in this society.

“Create more jobs!” they say. Politicians scream this over & over everywhere I go. But… why would we need them? In a politicians eye, they are good for one thing, and one thing only; money. And money is good for the people, supposedly. But is it really?

What has money done for us in, say, the last 5000 years? Has it made us “richer”? Has it made us more wealthy as a whole, as a world? Happier?
We live our whole life concerned about this one thing, but all we really DO is exhaust our selves, our earth & each other.

When I look around, I still see poverty, I still see homelessness, I still see murders, war, crimes against humanity paid for with money, and on a daily basis, we desecrate the very foundations of LIFE when we spill oil into wildlife & cause all kinds of diseases for both people & animals alike – all in the name of profit.

Money truly is the ultimate tool of enslavement, designed to make rich people richer, and poor people poorer.
PEOPLE build the buildings, sow the crops, harvest them. PEOPLE do the math, solve the problems, steer the wheel. PEOPLE are what keeps people alive. Money only distances us away from each other.

What’s job got to do with it? We need something to do… 

Jobs, while, yes – giving us something to do, also make us too tired in our minds to think about anything else.
Jobs create the illusion that we are actually achieving something with our lives. But… are we really?

Of course “achieving” is very subjective, but in my eyes it stands for spiritual insight, helping the world to achieve balance, as well as helping yourself master this fine dance of the tightrope.
Jobs & the 40-50 of often tedious weekly hours that come with it greatly distract our brains from thinking, and our hearts from feeling. All it does is making our reality seem more & more numb for each dull meaningless task that we are “ordered” or otherwise required to do.

Jobs make us forget that what we really want is to grow, to learn, to strive for love & health, for spiritual wealth & balance.
Jobs make us forget who we really are. 

Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Jobs are the last thing we need in this society.

  1. suchled says:

    Andy, when I was your age I saw all the darkness that you see and the light as well. I don’t agree with a lot of the things you say but thr world does need people who dream of Utopia. If you stand at the bottom of a very deep well in the middle of the day you can see the stars.

  2. valismyname says:

    Oh, another awesome post. I cannot answer this with anything deep at the moment though, sorry. I feel like I spent all my remaining energy to rant about my future on my blog.

    It was a pleasure to read this. Thank you.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Haha I know the feeling… Far too often I get the same feeling when I’ve just ranted about whatever..
      Anyways, it was sweet of you to stop by here :)
      Thank YOU!

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