Happiness is hard work, joy is not.

A few years ago, I had much success writing this blog. Well, at least in my own eyes

Back then, the thoughts came easy to me, as well as the words. As time has passed a little bit, I feel it more & more a struggle to put down on paper (or screen) what it really is that my heart wants to express.

There are maybe a thousand reasons as to why this happens to me & so many more writers also, but only one reason really touches me in a way that seems right.

Happiness is hard work! Only joy comes with ease.

I think we tend to let the current circumstances decide where our lives are going far too often. True happiness cannot be shaken out of place, even though you still have the ups & downs of everyday life. Joy disappears as soon as negativity dominates, and it comes with ease. Drinking a beer, telling a joke, laughing & chitchatting with friends all bring instant joy and a smile on our faces. But do they truly make us happy? Profound happiness? I really doubt it. Happiness comes when the mind is trained, just like physical health comes when the body is treated correctly. It comes from within, and cannot be shaken off from sources without.

I felt happy, or at least on the right way to happiness, when I wrote a lot on this blog. A new post would come out of me more than once per day, and positive as well as negative responses came right back in abundance. Writing, discussing & improving was my only concern.

It seems to me that now, I have to work really hard even to think a single philosophic thought. But it all makes perfect sense to me. If I have to build up a profound state of happiness, then it is highly necessary for me to DO IT MY SELF. There IS no magical potion. There IS no “creative work atmosphere”, deep down, there is no convenient way out! There is only what we bring from within, and this aspect of life must simply be trained by DOING – not by waiting.

I pledge to myself that I from now on WORK my way to my own happiness.

What do you think? I happily reply to any comment made!

Thank you for sticking with me. :)



10 thoughts on “Happiness is hard work, joy is not.

  1. asktiara says:

    I agree that happiness is hard work. I think it starts with being grateful and how much you let the things you are grateful for touch your soul. I think our body and mind deal with the things we’re nurtured to want or use to measure our happiness with along the way. In contrast I would say it’s our spirit and soul that handle the things that appeal to our nature (natural longing) of what truly makes us happy. So I guess it matters how many or which things you let into that inner core to connect to your nature. It is a struggle because it has to get past the nurtured layers of our system which can be discouraging.


  2. QueenOfTheDessert says:

    Hi! What a great writer you are! I’ve been contemplating the same thing lately. :) -Lisa

  3. ksbeth says:

    i agree, we make our own happiness, in whatever way works for us. maybe just let it flow by not worrying about it too much and see where it leads you. i always enjoy your posts, no matter the frequency. ) beth

    • Mind of Andy says:

      It is truly amazing to have people like you to stick around, thank you! :)
      And yeah, following the flow & stop worrying are two very good ideas, hehe.

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