Is karma real? Does it even matter?

Well… Can we prove reincarnation? Some people claim they can and I, for one, “believe” in such a thing. That makes it my truth, for I have experienced enough stuff to make it seem like a physical law. But does that make it the universal truth? If one person claims to be able to see something that many people cannot, then who is to decide where the truth lies? I think I know.

Something like the law of gravity is accepted by all, because it can be seen by all. It can be experienced & tested simply just by jumping or throwing stuff around. Karma & therefore reincarnation is a tad more tricky to get out there. It takes hours upon hours of meditational practice to achieve insight in such things for the majority of us.

 So what?

What is really the meaning behind believing in reincarnation or not? To believe in a heaven or to believe in parallel universes, even?

Far too often we get hung up in details and we forget what the true meaning behind it all, behind life, is. Far too often we behave like mere children, just to ridicule those who we supposedly oppose.

THE REAL MEANING behind religion, reincarnation, heaven etc. is to be taught & to teach. To learn how mankind can unite instead of disperse from one another. To learn how we overcome negative emotions such as fear, hatred, envy… all of that good stuff. All of the sacred teachings can easily be boiled down to ONE simple thing; educating the heart. NOT discrimination of opposite beliefs. NOT blindly follow our own beliefs, either.

He who can balance all things in his mind, and he who can learn & teach compassion, kindness & complete equality for all – he is truly representing the positive side mankind. 

Everybody else pretending is just a numb head…


10 thoughts on “Is karma real? Does it even matter?

  1. I always thought of “Karma” as the same as “the law of sowing and reaping.” In other words, if you plant tomato seeds, you get tomatoes. In human beings, if we sow kindness, we reap kindness–and if we sow anger and bad words, we receive angry words from others. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Margarita says:

    I don’t think karma and reincarnation are synonymous, Andy. I’m still meditating on that! xoM

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