Let’s be mentally equal instead?

Gender equality is a huge thing these days. Women should have as much influence as men – we should all have the same job opportunities, male as female. Many women want to see men take care of the kids while they provide bread for the family. In short, modern women should be able to do whatever the modern male individual is doing.

“Equality of the genders” – they call it.

In my eyes this is not deep enough to be healthy long-term. In fact, this seems kind of superficial. Here’s why:

 Stone Age

A long time back in time, when 99% of our DNA was developed, we had gender-specific professions. The men hunted, crafted & did almost everything related to the usage of muscle and raw survival techniques. Women, having an EQUALLY important role in “society”, well they cooked, gathered, looked after the children most of the time etc. This is still how our subconscious sees the world.

This instinct that lies so deep in us has NOT changed. However, our free will has – quite a bit. The way we think of these roles. Instinct has nothing really to do with thinking. So today, what we get, is people arguing: “hey, do the men think they are stronger than women? Better? More intelligent? Let the women do the fun stuff!” – or something similar.

What many fail to consider here is the “ficial” (opposite of superficial? Haha) equality.

I mean, way back in time, people knew the importance of each single individual’s role in society. The men needed to be able to just sit back and relax when they came home from long hunting travels and whatnot. The men highly appreciated everything their women did for them. Women were simply the core of her mans’ capability out in the world, so to say. Anyhow, this is more my assumption than it is actual evidence. It is hard to find this evidence from that long ago, haha (:

But the same principles still apply today.

Why have physical equality, appreciating just what we can see without thinking.

Let’s have MENTAL equality. Let’s support the other gender in whatever profession he or she has occupied. For our own sake, let us just BE equal instead of the pretentious tendencies we have evolved today.

Love everybody.