Why are you sick? Stop it.

When people are sick, I ask them why. Be it friends, family or random people who I happen to talk with. I ask them: Why are you sick? But they often they look at me as if I don’t understand that sickness, minor or major, is a random occurring event in the body. They seem somewhat baffled by this question. Any ways the conversation always ends there with an “I don’t know”, and we continue by talking about something else.

But this is important for me. And for the rest of that conversation I can focus on nothing else than the in my eyes weird lack of responsibility in the other person’s view on life. View on health. Is it not disturbing or at least a bit saddening if we were not in control of our own lives? That we are just numb blumbs who sit back, not having anything to do with anything? Because, the way I see it, we are either in, or not in control. There is no compromise here, no such thing as half-control.

The past couple of years I have researched a lot about different reasons to this and that. Many of them being why different diseases, infections, illnesses etc. thrive in our bodies when we act certain ways. Some psychological, some plain out logical. Like the bus driver complaining about a sore back (too many hours sitting) or the alcoholic complaining about a liver failure (obvious?)

Some are more complex like “why do I get a cold six times a year?” – a bad diet would be the biggest factor here.  Some of the biggest ones like cancer are also your choice, but in a different way, but I will not discuss them here. I have had some experiences that have convinced me that I am more or less right in what I have to say about the big ones, like cancer, but these experiences cannot easily be transferred to other people. Maybe I will write about it in the future (:

SO! I am a firm believer that we are in full control of everything happening to us. Every minor and major event. Every downfall and uprising as well. And guess what. Since I started realizing this (as well as changing my diet) I have not had a single day of sore throat, flu or in any other way felt sick for a full year now. Before, I would be “dysfunctional” five to ten times a year. But I wanted to know why, I wanted to find the reasons and eliminate them. And now I know it can be done. So ask yourself:

Why are YOU sick?

Thank you for sticking with me (: I hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice day.


11 thoughts on “Why are you sick? Stop it.

  1. MurmingMind says:

    Good thought. Made me wonder why i have cold right now. But are you really 16? :/

  2. shreejacob says:

    Interesting post. And true. We do “control”…but I rather use the word choose. Every action, every moment we are choosing, You may be interested in reading this book called The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton :)

    As for death. There are Yogi’s who do choose to leave when they feel the time is right. I think the reason why we die is the same as yours. Our souls know it is it’s time. Sometimes though there are those unexpected or random deaths. That’s a little harder to explain from our perspective…there always is that bigger or higher picture. The question to ask is which one of us (out of the three) which choose to leave…maybe? :)

  3. Adamma says:

    Reblogged this on lildamey and commented:
    For every reaction, there is an action. Most times, sickness is as a result of what we eat , drink, do or do not do. Most importantly, sickness of the mind starts with the contents we allow into our thoughts. I think this post from Mind of Andy is a good start to a healing process. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. pauladkin says:

    Do you go to the cemetry and say:” why are you dead?” ?

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Nope. Haha (: Interesting queston. Hmm..
      I believe that our soul returns to where it came from, only to come back later when it is rested and ready to further experiences/improvements.
      This way, I know why people are dead, so I don’t really have to ask them. This might be a cocky answer, but for me it makes sence, after what I’ve tryed and seen in my life.

      • pauladkin says:

        But according to your philosophy we can control our lives totally. Why can’t we then control our death? As you say: we either have total control or we don’t. If we can’t control our death, we don’t have total control.

        • Mind of Andy says:

          Oh wow you got me there :D
          Yup I’ll have to re-think this. Thank you (:
          Maybe the answer is that birth and death are not IN our live’s, but merely forming the edge of our live – not really being a part of it.

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