What is a “long walk”?

I happen to be quite experienced in asking people where this or that is, and how far away it may be.

This is not a very big deal, but still I find it pretty interesting.

I’ve found that people who walk less are more likely to exaggerate in distances. People who, on the other extreme walk for many hours a day, tend to know more precisely how far away the nearest, be it bus station or beach, is. I honestly expected trained walkers to highly underestimate and say things like “ah, it’s nothing” – but generally they don’t. In other words; they have experience.

Could this be converted into other, deeper aspects of life and society? In other words; should we let those with valid experience do the talking and the rest of us keep to the listening?

I’ve been in quite a lot of situations where this question would have fit in perfectly. Have you?


Have a very nice day. (:


4 thoughts on “What is a “long walk”?

  1. shreejacob says:

    I read in some book, I can’t remember which, that the danger at times was in over simplification. I also sometimes say that a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous when one think they know it all. However, on the flip side sometimes when we become experienced in something or have more knowledge of a certain thing the danger then is when the person forgets how it was when they too were starting out. I feel it’s a question of how one who does have the knowledge or experience, is wise enough to know how to translate it to a person based on the listener’s experience ;)

  2. Thoms3n21 says:

    Maybe this is just a question of general experience, Andy.
    Because when we have experience in a field, we get a deeper understanding for it and know more precisely what/how/where things are.
    However, if you are not experienced, you would merely be guessing from an almost ignorant point of view which would lead to massive exaggerations or underestimations about the subject.

    My point is, that I think you have been thinking about this a little too hard, and maybe lost the bigger picture. But I can’t know, of course.

    – Peter.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Haha this is true, and you may be right. But maybe I needed this “angle” to realize it.
      This was just a minor thought, which I wrote down a few weeks ago and found in my files. But as you say, I probably lost the bigger picture while writing it haha :D
      Thank you my friend (:

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