If soldies were thinking they would quit the army.

War!.. What do “adult” people tell the young ones who get bullied in school? >> don’t hit him back, be the responsible one, show him compassion, be his friend<< they might say, and wrap it up with >> fighting violence with violence only promotes violence<<. And then they go back to their homes, their living rooms and TV’s. Sit down, numb to the fact that bombs and war machines are flying above their heads – heading out to “save the country”.

>>A country needs protection<< they might say. >>It is not the same, war is more complicated, involves more lives and can simply not be compared<< Is it not the same? I ask. If  not the same scenario then at least the exact same psychology? Feelings?

You tell your children to stop hitting back the bully. You tell them to take responsibility for one another, be compassionate, promote friendliness. Despite of the fact that you know your child’s defences might be down for the next blow from the bully, you encourage them to do this. You said >>violence promotes violence<< 

So when is it time to lower the defences of a country? When you’ve bombed the other country to pieces or before that? Taking a risk in being vulnerable, but guess what! This is where awareness, growth and a deeper love comes to the picture!

Cancel all military actions and quit the military.

As Frederick II the Great, king of Prussia once said: “If soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army”

Much love & a happy day! Hope you enjoyed (:



4 thoughts on “If soldies were thinking they would quit the army.

  1. shreejacob says:

    It’s amazing how much power we hold within ourselves that we can be blinded to the simplest of things…when our justifications however convoluted seems to make sense to the masses.

  2. Andy I wholeheartedly agree!

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