Different reason not to ‘weed it up’

Sigrid 5

Some people choose not to smoke because it is illegal. Some people because it is addictive as hell. Other people due to health reasons. Some people realize that it creates a foggy barrier in communication between those who smoke, and those who do not. Some people, on the other hand, choose to smoke it because it is cool to be avoiding the law. Others because they believe it IS super healthy in different ways (which it can be, but only if it’s done once every couple of months, or in some disease situations). There are countless of different minor or major reasons to, or not to smoke weed. Maaany of these reasons not to smoke, or to smoke, I have been through. But I was raised with a threat from my mom that if I ever smoked, she would personally drown me. It was of course meant in a humoristic way, but somehow I’ve always been subconsciously afraid of this. So for some years I was floating around in all of these excuses or arguments not to smoke – never really clinging on to one specific reason. I just couldn’t find the excuse that fitted my own beliefs correctly.


It all changed when I met some very devoted shamans along the road on my trip. I tried some amazing things that blew my mind with these “professionals”. But all without the weed. Then I talked with some of them about the usage of weed in rituals, and it became clear to me that what I had experienced with them so far was nothing compared to what weed will do when it occasionally is smoked before the rituals or meditations.

I realized that weed is more a spiritual drug than it is anything else. And these shamans use it to expand the mind seeking answers from something higher than what untrained people can normally comprehend.

It is just like when a counselor or a lawyer talks about something that seems way, way too complicated to understand for the common public. This is why we have them, right? These people are experts, and we trust in their knowledge. Same goes with shamans.

So! My reason for not to smoke weed is that I look at it as an abuse when it is not in a spiritual context and is done by someone who knows its properties – like shamans, druids, trained healers etc.

This was just a ten-minute write about a subject that I am heavily affected by, the reason being my friend’s addiction to this drug. Thank you for reading! (:

Have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “Different reason not to ‘weed it up’

  1. shreejacob says:

    I’ve smoked it before and strangely it wasn’t addictive to me…or to most of my friends who used to. It’s definitely a “safer” drug compared to others out there :)
    As long as one doesn’t go overboard with it and it doesn’t control one’s life or we don’t depend on it…then it’s fine…well, I think so. In fact seeing both the effects of weed compared to alcohol (based on my experience) alcohol tends to bring out more “violent” tendencies while weed has always been quite calming.

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