Revolutionise education now! Ideas #1

Some quick, unedited thoughts on how to possibly revolutionize education and help it up from the pit that it is slowly getting too caught in.

First year. Drawing, playing instruments, singing, juggling, cooking, very, very lowest level of exercising and stretching, helping the children making games they can control and expand themselves. Make fun things into small mini-projects. Fool around with it all, let the children make the activities their own for a year or two. Be kind and gentle, but fair and close to neutral in judgments and compliments.

Second year. Some kids may now show drastic improvements in either of the above skills and general creative skills. Let the teachers spend long time with the children to get the best impression of each individual soul’s preferred activities. Say 50% in a class of twenty show a drastic improvement in one or more of these skills – now teach those ten how to expand their work, how to explore different corners of their interests. Some of them may already know – just sit back, observe and follow these children, and, if possible, get them to teach the other kids of the same genre. The other 10 kids, the ones that didn’t show any special interest in these more… let’s call them abstract activities – now is the time for them to be introduced to the most basic math and language.  Teach these language/math kids ¾ language and math, and ¼ “abstract” skills. Teach the abstract kids in equal, but opposite proportions.

Third year of school. Now is the time to separate the language and math kids into different preferences as well, just like we did in second grade. Of course, for each year we also expand and intensify the subjects just as in every other system, but go a bit harder than usual on language, though. ->Here’s why<- (this is something that pretty much every scientist will agree upon.) But now that we have three groups it is time to do ½ of each groups’ main subject, while doing ¼ of either language and math, or abstract and language. You get the idea ;) Let the children reevaluate and change their main subjects as they want up until sixth or seventh grade.

Introduce the children to a lot of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, sailing – everything possible the school can afford, and do this at least one time/week each year following.

To be continued (: <– click!


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