Reblog comment from Atheistforum about suffering and unreasonable explanations.

As I was scrolling the WordPress reader I came across this guy talking about suffering and why it is there. (link to the post down below)

He stated that some suffering is there to build our character. I agree, for with suffering comes challenge and with challenge there will be growth.

Sometimes we deserve suffering. We deserve it if we do something silly like put our hand in a fire. God gives us freedom to make mistakes.”

Though I am not attached to a religion, I agree that freedom of choice is a god-given trait and that we should be treated the way we act and think. Doing nonsense things should hit us across the face so we will stop doing them. Like putting a hand in the fire…

Then he loses me. He says:

Yet some suffering seems inexplicable, undeserved or disproportionate. Here the Old Testament book of Job helps. Job knew suffering yet the book says that sometimes the reasons for our pain are beyond our understanding.

So.. does he just give up then? Doesn’t he want to explore a bit more? Or is this book enough for him? Hmm. Not for me. Is it for you? No matter how intense our suffering is, there will always be something to learn from it, I think. The thing called the Law of Attachment will give you a much more profound understanding of what is “beyond our understanding” – apparently.

It basically explains how, whenever there is attachment, there will be suffering. And that this is the only reason for attachment. This kind of mentality is kind of hardcore, though.

Psychologically suffering is, and I agree, 100% due to attachment.

Sad about moving to another town? Attachment. Sad about wrecking your car? Attachment. Suffering from other people’s opinions about you? Attachment. Suffering from passed away parents or family members? Again, it is all about attachment. Some yogis would even state that physical pain is due to attachment to your current body, and they will spend their whole life getting rid of this one attachment. To no longer feel physical pain.

Many people would say that it is cold, foul, cynic and even unreasonable. But it is actually completely opposite. Detaching yourself from diverse people and objects or situations will allow you to remain unaffected by unhealthy disorders like stress and mood swings, and will help you to stay calm in all of life’s aspects, all while increasing your appreciation for fellow human beings and boosting a lot of other positive traits aswell. It is amazing.

Now, I’m not telling you guys what is wrong and what is right. Of course we are all allowed to cry when our parents die and that kind of stuff. I am simply trying to go a little further than what might be for some, beyond their understanding – as believing christians supposedly states, and offer a solution to the very subject; suffering. Okay this is beginning to sound weird, haha. All I’m saying is that there IS a reason to every kind of suffering, and there IS a way out of it. It’s simply a matter of how the human mind works, is build, changes and, with the right balance of devotion and reason, grows.

He kind of finishes of by saying that one day there will be no more tears or pain, that we do not know why it is here, but that one day it shall all end. So.. he expects it to just come from nowhere or what? I just do not see the reason in that. And this is why it was of great importance to me to write this post.

Pleasure is given to us, sometimes we take it. Happiness is one long stream of constant internal struggle.

Thank you for reading :) Have a nice day!

Link to his blog:


2 thoughts on “Reblog comment from Atheistforum about suffering and unreasonable explanations.

  1. mllamoreux says:

    On the other hand, it is not true that everything in the universe is centered on human welfare. Or even everything on earth, which is the only home of humans because it is the only place where Life has been existing in a balanced state for long enough to support humans.   The purpose of death is so there may be Life, and Life is more important than individual human welfare. Because there wouldn’t be any human welfare if there were no Life.  Which means that the welfare of all other sentient beings is MORE important than individual human welfare. Which is the most important lesson of spirituality for communal organisms.  And very likely the purpose of communal organisms is to grow Life, rather than to preserve individual life.   Or, biologically, the purpose of death is so that there may be evolution, whithout which the Life of the Biosystem could not be maintained.

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