Ranting about the amount of “genuinity” out there

My friends are not the same anymore. They are growing up to become what they see and hear on TV. I have been away in different countries and cultures for half a year because I wanted to get away from this; I wanted to be myself and to meet people from different cultures that wanted the same. Not just drink beer on Christmas Brew Day (I think it is mainly a Danish phenomenon where the big companies release some kind of new Christmas beer the 1st of September), and everybody is hyped because of this special beer. But why? When I ask them, they say “I don’t know”.

My friends are all in the middle of what we call gymnasium – a kind of three-year degree you have to take before applying to a university. But.. They have no fucking clue about what they are doing! They go to school either affected by weed of with hangovers – rarely with any real intention of learning. Yeah they all love learning about music, which is the main theme of this particular school, and I hugely respect them for that. Awesome. But guys… Come on. To me learning about life and how to succeed at it is more important than trying to be a rock-star, because this is what they do. They talk about girls (in the nasty way), drink beer EVERY DAY, smoke a lot of expensive stuff and dream about doing this same thing their whole life… Because that’s what they THINK their idols do. Some of them are more observative and can see that this is not really the way to success, but these guys tend to stay more in the background – minding their own, rational and emotional business. That’s cool. That is fucking cool.

The majority on the other hand just wants to have fun! Push all emotions, thoughts and whatnot aside and GET WASTED. Party their youth away because they imagine that you have to do that while you’re still young. Poor imagination I say. This prophecy of theirs will sadly come true, but only because they… partied their youth’s away. The irony :(

Some body also convinced them, that to succeed in life you have to follow the rules, go to school and get a job with a huge income. And guess what? The teachers appreciate them because of this. If I were a teacher and was aware of what my students are like outside of school I would KICK THEM OUT and tell them to hit the road, talk to very old people about life, travel with no money, get rid of desires and comfort for a while – because these are all things that definitely will change their view of reality to the better, and then come back later if you still want to have a piece of the college cake. Governmental education is always available. No rush.

The reason for me to suddenly rant about this and these is that I just visited their school for a mini-party, and I left early because almost none of them were at all themselves. After my trip around Europe I realized how much there is to learn, and how much they don’t care a shit about it. I don’t know what pisses me of the most; the fact that people are superficial in general, or the fact that these people are my friends. The ones, who are supposed to support me, help me and make me feel comfortable. But how can I be comfortable when I know they are not? Their bodies does not want this behavior, neither do their souls or spirits want this superfluous result that is the numbness of their minds.

And I can only look and sigh from the sideline.

As always, thanks for reading through this rant. It means a lot to get response from you guys.

Thank you :)





11 thoughts on “Ranting about the amount of “genuinity” out there

  1. rlcarterrn says:

    I don’t know what country you’re in but here in the US I feel very much the same way. I am often called “an old soul” b/c I am pretty serious about life. What I dislike about this is that people interpret this to mean that I never have fun which couldn’t be further from the truth. I sincerely believe enjoying our lives is absolutely paramount, but at the same time there is so much more to life than just drinking yourself into oblivion. That really isn’t fun anyway. Real fun is hanging out with people you care about who also care about you, discussing life & all the things we are learning, listening to good music, & maybe having some good wine/beer but not so much that you don’t remember the night when it’s over. Good to know there are like-minded souls out there. I actually wrote a blog post pretty recently about this kind of theme.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      So glad to get some backup on this :) Thank you.
      I am from Denmark by the way, but it is pretty modern to imitate the American lifestyle that we see on TV here..
      Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Theresa says:

    Shakespeare reminds us: “To thine own self be true.” To paraphrase a popular quote out there – do not follow where others lead; forge your own path and leave a trail. Blessings on your journey…

  3. shreejacob says:

    Ah Andy…I’m learning that we each have our own journey and sometimes these lessons can be frustrating to watch and to experience too.
    Do what is right for you…and let that joy you have for life filter through to touch others…:)

  4. Never underestimate the influence for good you can be in your friends’ lives…and the power of your EXAMPLE, as long as they know you sincerely love and care about them. :)

    “If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”
    ― Fred Rogers

  5. Well, I agree with all your points and thoughts but you are yet to learn a lesson on friendship I’ll say.

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