Having A Blurry Period Of Your Blogging Adventure?

This is for all you fellow bloggers out there who are currently experiencing a dark or blurred period of your blogging life.

I too am somewhere in the middle (is it like a weather forecast?) of that experience, and it’s an awful thing… at least so it seems. It’s like this huge block of shadow is covering your connection to the thinking part of the brain, isn’t it? Sometimes you get a glimpse of an idea behind this shadow, but then it’s gone almost just as quickly – hiding behind it. That’s what I visualize nevertheless.

Now I just may have a “solution” for both you and me:

It is the expectations of people & us being brainwashed by them, which make this shadow.

Whenever I talk to someone about blogging, they, and I too, immediately start to say things like “oh I wish I could make a living off of it someday…” or: “wouldn’t it be nice to make money just from having a blog?” And when I search the internet for inspiration, I always end up reading somebody’s success story, or subscribing to some big Youtuber – people living off of the internet.

All of this dreaming of the ego, my craving, lust or desires for economical safety, which I’m sure is a part of it, but also the pure lust for money leads my head to believe that THAT is success. That money or even just economical safety is the goal. Don’t get me wrong – economical safety is, I believe, one of the foundations for happiness. But that’s not why we blog, is it?

Here’s the life changer:

Money & superficial success is NOT the goal.

We made our blogs to get something from within our hearts out and in to the dozens, maybe hundred or even thousands of hearts, that may be following each of our blogs in this fantastic community.

The thing hiding behind the shadow our head created, is our heart! This is where I started this blog, and this is where I will take it again. The goal is happiness. Happiness is the success.

The expectations from other people’s heads – not their hearts – and from our own head, has taken over. Now is the time to FEEL our way back from the misguiding, shadowy tour of THINKING.

I hope this realization will help you as it has helped me.

If you are in such a period of you blogging life & don’t know exactly what to do, the next post might help you a bit further down the right path for your heart, as I will write what I did to somewhat cure this discomfort.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me so far. I appreciate it J


6 thoughts on “Having A Blurry Period Of Your Blogging Adventure?

  1. Reblogged this on The Narcissistic Anthropologist and commented:
    This one is for the bloggers. I’m a fan of Andy – wise beyond his years – and can relate to the rutt…especially being 351 days into a 365-days-of-daily-posting commitment (i made to myself). There are definitely times where it is hard to get motivated and you wonder why you are dong it.
    For me, blogging is about practicing my writing skills, documenting ethnographic observations and sharing human and cultural insights that I think are valuable. Knowing people are actually reading and getting value out of it is all I care about for now – but I am definitely excited about seeing what the patterns are in my “data” collection and seeing if there is a worthwhile “Blook” (Blog Book…I just made that up). in there. ;) Cheers and happy blogging!

  2. I blog because I feel like I have something to say people will be interested in. Maybe 3 people or 300 but all the same it is a great resource to everyone who engages. I am on day 350 of a 365 day commitment to a daily blog and as I look back I realize that, while I had more than my share of off days where I couldn’t think so I reblogged something, that I still added value to my own existence as well as that if my readers by sharing something worth sharing. So don’t be so hard on yourself . Just write for the love of it and everything else falls in place exactly where it ought to.

  3. coastalmom says:

    Looking forward to more! When I talk about my blog… I get blank stares from people who don’t understand the passion of writing. I always feel that everyone should write. But I guess that is like my mom wanitng me to knit. I just am never gonna! So I understand that we all have passions and some may not understand mine.
    That is why I blog… because I get to hang out with you guys who GET it! And the readers who actually want to read what I write!
    Can’t wait for your next post!

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