Having A Blurry Period Of Your Blogging Adventure? pt. 2

When I first began to realize that this emptiness of non-blogging was upon me, back in August & September, I was in the middle of an educational program. It would take three years to complete, & would have opened up for further education possibilities to become a journalist, which is something that I want to do sooner or later.

The first four months of this educationthe key to “success” – as people say in this modern society, I didn’t like it at all… I quickly realized that this was not the way of achieving happiness for me. So I quit.


Not being able to blog, due to the blurring shadow that had occupied my head, as mentioned in the previous post, was another huge factor for me not being joyful about this educational “pressure” you may call it.

I quit education – educating my head that is – and decided to educate my heart instead.

This has led me through all sorts of different humane realisations, that I sure wouldn’t have gotten if I’d stuck with the education program for three years. Right now, for instance, I am looking for a host in Italy to live with and work together with. Maybe on an organic piece of farmland, or in a small family run restaurant… who knows? It might not bring me the biggest income, but it is what I feel is necessary to educate my heart right now! 

So this is what I did to overcome the stress, the nothingness that other people’s expectations exposed my heart to.

My advice for you is to isolate from your friend’s, teacher’s & even your parent’s thoughts a bit. Trust your gut & don’t do anything your gut is doubting.

Remove yourself from the factors that you think are creating this shadow of emptiness, & seek to create your own environment for your heart and all of its brilliant ideas to thrive in. I promise you it will help.

Do not ever compromise what your gut is telling you versus the thoughts of other people as well as your own, negatively influenced thoughts. (not trying to be rude or demeaning here)

It will take some time. It has taken approximately six months for me, from realizing to “curing”.

In the meantime, while you practice following your guts, I want to give you another piece of advice for your blogging:

Don’t panic and publish content that is taken from somewhere else, just because you can’t see through your own shadow. – It will only fill you with guilt.

Don’t push yourself into writing half-hearted content only to try to push the shadow aside. – You will only get more tangled in.

Wait it out, wait for your own originality to come back up. Focus on your heart. Get stronger. Remember: this is one of life’s challenges that is designed to increase the size of your foundation for achieving happiness. Grab this opportunity – embrace it.

Wait it out & let your feelings guide you.

I hope this will help the fellow bloggers out there who are going through what have nearly laid behind me.

Thanks for reading & happy blogging to ya all!


8 thoughts on “Having A Blurry Period Of Your Blogging Adventure? pt. 2

  1. Thank you for this very empowering and encouraging post. My experience up to now has brought me to similar insights. Great to read that there are others who aim into the same direction!

    Much love!

  2. White Pearl says:

    Very well said….Great post !

  3. Hey u so right I have worked as a journalist and despite not being from a media background, I learned about these facts. always check and recheck ur facts. avoid plagiarism since it will signal ur end no matter how talented ur. It’s an amazing profession but now I have taken some six months to one year break to come back strongly later.

  4. Such great advice. I have definitely experienced the “shadow” and published posts that shouldn’t have been posted out of a sense of obligation.

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