We are the smartest beings on earth, but dumb as hell..

Everybody in my personal life – all in their own discrete ways – keeps blabbering up about how clever mankind is, how intelligent we are. They say things like “mice didn’t invent the internet – we did. Cows didn’t invent railroads – we did. Dogs didn’t invent chairs & tables – we, mankind did.”

And there is, of course, no argument against this. We ARE the most intelligent beings that we know of on this planet.

But are we wise enough to carry this intelligent mind around? We invented tools to make life easier a couple of hundred thousand years ago, but were we wise enough not to take life from one another? We invented the flamethrower for the average poor farmer in the Middle East, not to make thousands of children fatherless in the Vietnam War & probably many other places as well.

We were intelligent enough to invent the nuclear bomb & planes carrying it, but with what intend?  Was it wise to destroy entire families using just that?

Yes! We are very intelligent indeed. But are we wise enough?

I doubt it.

I’m glad to know that you’re sticking with me this far, and I hope you feel the same tension in your chest as I do thinking of this.


8 thoughts on “We are the smartest beings on earth, but dumb as hell..

  1. Life is not so simple as Andy thinks it is

  2. Margarita says:

    Intelligence does not equal wisdom; nor does it necessarily engender compassion. Nice to hear from you, Andy!

  3. Thoms3n21 says:

    Hey Andy.

    Just, regarding the nuclear bomb subject.

    With the drops of the nuclear bombs, the conclusion of the invention, ca. 175.000 people died, and more hurt. This is a terrible thing, and even the USA was overpowered by terror from the damage of these two bombs dropped over Japan.

    As you ask. “Were they build with that intention?” The answer is yes.
    And it is yes because they were in an ethical dilemma.

    If they were not to use atomic bombs against the Japanese, the war would most likely still have been won, but with casualties of up to millions of lives. On both sides.

    So what would you do Andy? Throw the bombs, kill nearly 200.000 people, or continue the war, and ten times that number of losses.

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