Two ears & one mouth

When I started this blog, all I wanted to do was to write & write & write. As some of you may know, it went pretty well, but then it all stopped. One of the reasons for this sudden halt, might be that I had written all I wanted to write. Another certain reason being, that my “succes” made me hunger for a continuously increase in success. I completely forgot the meaning of balance & patience, and in all of my writing, I forgot to read. I had forgotten that nature has given us two ears, and only one mouth.

I miss this community, and I miss writing. Therefore I will try to restore some balance, and read a lot of blogs.

Thanks for reading! Happy blogging :)


7 thoughts on “Two ears & one mouth

  1. Des says:

    I feel similiar! Your blog was one of the first I began to read when I launched my own, and continued as I moved to another. However sometimes things pile up, life happens and you need to take stock and stop and give to things that call out to you. welcome back x

  2. Balance and patience! Needed indeed. We’ll be happy to have you back :)

  3. Margarita says:

    Welcome back! xoM

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