Technological disadvantage!

Why does the government complain about missing jobs, when they allow machine’s to replace us?

First off let’s talk about the advantages new technology is currently indulging us with:

Industrialism, which means – more food for export and therefore import as well –> slight public wealth growth. Industrialism – more of everything generally: chairs, computers, pens, toys etc. for export/import. Industrialism again – more schools à bigger pool of public knowledge. Greater effectiveness in terms of infrastructure and transport opportunities. And of course better phones, pc’s and residential heating and other comforts. Anything obvious I guess haha :)

Those are what strike my mind just now.

There are, however, some maybe-not-that-obvious disadvantages of our technological advance.

Lower quality of the mass produced food. *Pointing at McDonald’s!* – which in turn means bigger budget spent on medical services. Lower quality of the mass produced schools. They’re even making “super schools” for 5000 pupils +… I will write the problem with this solution in a later post. Fewer jobs! <– That right there is why I made this post. There are many more problems with technological advance, but fewer jobsis by far the most relevant one at the moment!

 There really is no huge explaining for me to do here. Just think about where machines took our jobs:

–          In the postal service – no one sorting mail anymore.

–          In the snow cleaning business – you don’t see 10 guys sweeping the road, having fun anywhere…

–          Agriculture – most farms have had their loving & caring workforce replaced by giant technological monstrosities.

–          Generally every factory have had their 200 man workforce replaced by 2-4 guys reading the newspaper whilst supervising the assembly line or the superfast, never-failing robot hand.

–          Even WAR now has the same difficulty for the soldiers, as a simple computer game or war-simulator some places. Not kidding! Have you seen how they just remote control bombing drones? (not that I support war at all, which I don’t)

Some of these examples may seem silly or unnecessary, but tell me then; would you rather be without job, than spend 6 hours each day, creating a cozy atmosphere with your fellow mail-sorting-colleagues? Would you rather be without content, than be a part of a 200 man workforce at the toothpaste factory? I know what I would choose.

And working on a factory is not necessarily boring and unhealthy due to some wrong body posture. I say switch duties, listen to music on huge subwoofers, have a weekly contest or create a theme for your workstation! There are all kinds of stuff that can help create an awesome atmosphere no matter how tiresome work can be.

But for the sake of ourselves; let’s fight the machines & get our jobs back!


6 thoughts on “Technological disadvantage!

  1. Sheikh. Amna Rafiq says:

    Hey there!
    I have surprise for you!!! :)
    I have nominated you for MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOG AWARD 2012…
    It was an honor for me nominating you for the award… :D Here’s a link… Go check it out… enjoy it with a cup of coffee… ;) no wait… it’s hot out there… Why not to enjoy it with a smoothy… better idea you know… STRAWBERRY SMOOTHY… yum :)

  2. shreejacob says:

    The more this race progresses the more it slips back a 100 paces…..we’ve got this “progress” thing all wrong in a lot of ways..

  3. Glad to see you’re back. :)

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