Drug, drugs, drugs, drugs – no! LOVE!

In my short life I have never taken any drug of any kind. And when I say drug, I mainly speak marijuana which is the most popular – and with good reason, too.

I have READ that it should expand your mind and make you more aware of how things really are.

A.K.A. a value- or window-opening drug. That plus the nerve calming effect makes a perfect mix for the modern human being. (Now I’m not going to mention the numerous negative effects of this drug, because that is not what I am about right now) ;)

What I meant to say was that I can only imagine how it feels to be on, for instance – pot!

And when I look at how my friends act with and without these effects, well then I can only think of one other “healthy” comparison – LOVE!

Whenever they are in love, I see the same behavior patterns as when they’re drugged:

–          Instant boost of creativity and sometimes the exact opposite

–          The willingness to do almost anything for more (be it love or pot)

–          They generally are happier and more positive than when they’re not thinking of their beloved or when they are not on drugs

–          They tend to have a funnier way of behaving. More spontaneous and again, creative

I am sure that there is a logical explanation to all this – an explaining including some substances in the brain and so on, but I can only tell you what I have observed.

So therefore I personally choose LOVE rather than DRUGS.

But here’s what bothers me:

I am a big “fan” of Tenzin Gyatso and all his wisdom, but he has never been in a relationship! Maybe he felt or feels love sometimes, but why does he not fully embrace it by sharing his happiness with a partner? – For me that is ultimate happiness.

So I ask myself and anyone willing to comment this post: what is the purpose of love, if our greatest spiritual “frontman” doesn’t even want it?

Love is a spiritual thing, right? Maybe it is because he sees too many attachment and emotional problems associating with love. But why not teach us how to overcome such problems? Or has he already done that? In one of his books, he does state that love should not be about attachment and wanting something from our partner, but instead pure compassion and the willing to add to your partner’s happiness. I am either a confused teen – or I have the right answer right in front of me.

Anyways – the point is: I would rather choose love than drugs.

What do YOU think?

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25 thoughts on “Drug, drugs, drugs, drugs – no! LOVE!

  1. D says:

    Good observation!thanks for posting it !:)
    to breathe is to love

  2. Great questions and inspiring blog!

  3. obviouslynotanonymous says:

    Don’t take any of what’s below as being offensive. It’s not meant to be. Keep it up, kid.


    Love is the Law: Love under Will: Do What Thou Wilt Is The Whole Of The Law. Isn’t that what Crowley said? After he had a mule fuck a force-fed & hallucinogen-imbibed neophyte of a young woman in a chamber of iconoclastic Darkness somewhere on Earth, unseen, however recorded.

    Love + Law + Will. Three Powerful Words.

    Ultimately: meaningless.

    You’d best learn to not view life so innocently, I’m sure many would advise.

    You may not smoke weed (I hardly ever do so myself), but you must certainly be aware that you’ve been dosed with some powerful LSD or are drinking from the wrong well, eating of the ergot-infested bread, or consuming psychically some bizarre positivity which can only blind you from the harsh reality of Reality: that what is Real, like Love, is conjured from what same neuro-chemical alterations occur when substances, or causal-effective emotion’s, or et al. etc…any and every thing that crosses the blood-brain barrier and alter’s ones neurological make-up, if only for a moment, is consumed and produces or follows with a provided reaction. In other words: love is less effective than a drug, pharmacokinetically [sp?] speaking, as not all love is requited. Love is a poor solution for the qualms of Life. It’s just as much of an illusion as is the idea of a God having existed some time ago. We are at a point in time where there are no solutions to our given Nature. Existence is Obsolete. Our Minds are full to the brim, yet we are limited, held steadfastly secured to these Hell-breeding Vessels of an organic composure, and are decaying as we parasitically consume, consume, consume. We are Animals blessed with the horrid gift of consciousness. Damned, damnation itself, we are the End of the Earth.

    Or we are something else. Who knows? Maybe you do, child?

    Happiness = Lack of Pain. Love = Abundance of blinded Act’s. Love = Dumb. You are young. I once believed in love. Then I fell in it. And out of it. And into it. And out of it. And, like drugs, I quit. And I was addicted to it. I sought it. I found it. I imbued it. I imbibed it. I lived it. I was livid with it. I was living in it. I am living of it. I am Love. Love is an Existential Nightmare. It is not worth describing. It, as any human experience emotionally, is temporary, futile, fleeting, and to a greater or lesser extent, dependent upon the psychosocial capabilities of a given human organism’s reflective nature. All in flux. Few with the bucks. Not so many with the luck. Tis how it is.

    Remember: we live in a society that promotes secrecy, bestiality, necrophilism, murder, and Society-itself – to list a few.

    I think you write well. Better than I do. You are concise. So I am commenting. Thanks for liking my recent blog post on Projected Mayhem. You are not one I’d assume would read that.

    Keep being happy and perceiving life as you do. You’ll certainly make it somewhere.

    [This is a post from one aspect of my perception in reaction to this spent moment. It is not reflective of my beliefs, thought-systems, or future-ideations. It is only pertinent in respect to what Opposite effect it may have on the Reader, anonymously.]

    A Blackbird once was Young too. Stil is, actually!

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Wow.. What an interesting comment. You sure do have a lot to say, and I’m flattered by the compromises here and there. You haev given me something to think about and implement in my way of dealing with life, and for that, I am thankful!
      I don’t know what else to say to you :)
      Sorry ’bout the late response.
      And thank you for the compassion and mind-opener!

  4. […] Drug, drugs, drugs, drugs – no! LOVE! […]

  5. ShimonZ says:

    I have known drugs and love, and I don’t think they’re much alike. In fact, I would advise you not to write about things you haven’t experienced or do not know well. It lessens your credibility, even when you’re talking about things that you do know. Love is an emotion. It is quite different from person to person. It is related, in a way, to ‘in love’ though the two are not exactly the same. For me, love allows me to see god in those I love. It is not limited to people. Once can love animals or plant life… one can even love stones. There is a lot to learn about love. And there is a lot to learn about drugs. Maybe I’ll write a blog post soon… on love and drugs. Thank you for giving me the idea.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      I’m looking forward to read the post then! :)

      And I thank you for “warning” me about writing stuff down that I don’t know the world about. I do, however, see how many positive feedback’s I get and therefore think that I may have spotted something right. I write what things means to ME. If I would write what things means to everyone I simply wouldn’t have the free GB space required to write every opinion.

  6. paperportraiture says:

    I like how you encourage love as a drug, it’s really true. It’d be great if more people thought like that. But you should know though, MJ isn’t a drug. It’s classified as one, but real marijuana plants, in all their varieties, are actually very medicinal. In California for instance, it’s legal, and in most counries all over the world it’s prescribed by doctors for medicine. Also, a common misconception is that MJ is addictive, but it isn’t. It’s not physically addictive, that’s why it’s not considered a drug by those of us who work with the plants. MJ plants are used for different things, and yes it’s used a lot for receational purposes, but good quality, healthy plants are used in medicine and a lot of other things. It’s healthier to smoke good marijuana, than it is to drink a beer. In fact, alcohol is one of the worst drugs there are – that would’ve made a good comparison! Aside from that though, nice post, love is very strong!

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Thank you for this enlightening comment! I do know that it isn’t really a drug, and did consider writing about alcohol, too, but first off I simply just chose to count it in as a drug, and secondly I think MJ has more to do with love than ethanol has! – Maybe that’s just me ;)
      Thanks for this caring comment, I sure do appreciate it :)

  7. Susan says:

    Like so many others, there is the public face of the Dalai Lama, and then there is the truth: http://www.angelofjustice.org/index2.html

    • Mind of Andy says:

      A very interesting read, thank you! :)
      I’v never heard any negative thing about Tenzin, so i appreciate you contribute to the balance! ;)
      I do however believe that he has spread more joy than suffering, and for that I respect him.
      Thanks again! :)

  8. ahappylass says:

    What a great post. Thanks for comparing a toxic thing to a much, much happier thing. What an insightful person you seem to be. I look forward to your posts from here on out.

  9. First and foremost, I want to thank you for being so kind as to “like” one of my posts. So thanks (;
    Secondly, you are, as your “About Andy” page states, a hardcore thinker. Personally, I rather enjoy smoking pot, but I totally get (and appreciate) your points.
    I’m really looking forward to reading some of your other posts (:

  10. Dee says:

    God is love. He made us to be loved and to love us. God’s love for us is a unconditional love (agape love). This kind of love will always be stronger than any drug, food, money ect. I used to drink ALOT! But now I find the I do not need it because I have the love and support of Christ.
    I have not really search thru your blogs much, but I think you write very well and I will follow your blog to see what esle you are writing about.
    Oh! and thanks for visiting my blog and the like.

  11. I’m not really disagreeing with you, because I know what kinds of drugs you are talking about. However, you’ve probably taken drugs all your life. You just don’t think of them as drugs. You’ve probably had cups of tea or coffee – caffeine is a mind-altering drug. It affects short-term memory and alters the cognitive process. You’ve probably eaten something sweet. Refined sugar alters metabolism, and can cause a “crash” feeling after a few hours. Foods turn to drugs inside our bodies as part of normal digestion. If you fast, it’s mind-altering. If your pancreas stops producing insulin you become diabetic. A lack, or an excess of insulin has a HUGE mind-altering effect. There are hundreds of other examples, but you get what I mean.

    I enjoyed your way of explaining love as having a similar effect to drugs.
    Love is an ambiguous, non-specific word in English, used to cover many kinds of affection, some selfless and others selfish. That’s part of the confusion over your way of thinking of it vs. Tenzin Gyatso’s. There’s also a difference between loving (karuna, compassion, agape) and being in love (a state of exclusive need and reliance). Good luck figuring it all out :)

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Hehe yeah, i thought of covering that “little” detail too, but it seemed too endless and complicated… But you’re right! :)

      And again, you’re right! In danish we have a word covereing the feeling you get when you ARE IN LOVE so to say. And that was what i meant. But yes, love is a veery large and detailed subject.
      Thanks for the long comment and I hope to see you soon somewhere again! :)

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