Why do we like Death more than Amor?

Why do we enjoy watching hundreds and thousands in especially the news? Why do we have such a need of watching people die? Maybe we don’t fully enjoy it, but we sure don’t disgrace it either. Time and time again we choose to get thrilled (subconsciously maybe) by some killing spree at some new place. Be it a school, a park or just a normal war-zone.

So what makes you think that we get thrilled by such things? – I thought to my self. Because we keep on going back to it!  To see what and where it has happened next. Isn’t that right, dear readers? Our curiosity somehow suppresses the compassion that we contain – we don’t even move a finger to stop people from killing each other. We just watch it as if it was a movie – simply because it happens over there. The act of killing needs compassionate attention, but we simply use it as amusement. What would you do, if a kid killed or injured 20 other kids by gunfire at the school your precious spawn was attending to? – I sure would cry and scream for help. And I would hope for somebody across the border to help prevent events like these in the future. – There are, of course, many great, compassionate people out here, trying to educate parents about how to raise their kids. About how feeding kids with love and not items and alone time can prevent actions such as school shootings, along with many other horrifying incident’s.

Death’s in movies

I’m not going to be all fanatic about how we should all stop watching movies that include dead people and mass explosions. I just thought about how you would rather let your kids watch mass explosions and dead people all the time – instead of simple a sex scene.

How does watching the end of life rather than the beginning, and how beautiful it is, go along with being a compassionate being? – And no, I’m not talking about letting our children watch porn all day ;)

Give this thought a few seconds: How would the world look, if we replaced every war-scene in every movie with normal sex scenes, and if the news focused more on how many people accomplishes to raise healthy, loving and self-thinking kids instead of how many people have accomplished mass-murder?

If you think this little text was rude, then stop thinking in that direction, it will only prevent the learning process. Rudeness is often defined by the listeners/targeted reactions to thought-challenging events or thoughts. – Not by how others try to educate and share important messages.

Feel free to comment below if you have anything to add, question or point out! :)


2 thoughts on “Why do we like Death more than Amor?

  1. Mind of Andy says:

    THANK YOU for making me feel relevant! :) Have a very nice day, Fame!

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