Neither Pointy nor Circulate

Just a humble thought:

Does any complete square exist, that is fully nature-made?

It’s funny that the Homo sapiens see the square as the ideal shape (at least when it come to industry). And yet the nature prefers circles and non-edgy shapes. If  we were to compromise, then how would the world look? If we were to live with and not of the flora, then how would our buildings take shape? The native American tribes who were one with the nature had pointy tents with a circleas the floor.Could the round floor and pointy roof be a metaphor of natures will and the industrial thinking? And the native American’s, who lived
peacefully in between roof and floor, could their behavior be the ideal  to take form on our blue and green… ball?I don’t know if this is any good, but it sure is a considerable coincidence :)Comment below, if you please! :)


What's your opinion?

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