I’m about to write a new big post, but I can’t decide the topic.

– Presence

– Being humble

– Splitting people into groups

– Helpfulness

Or something completely different… Please, if you have any ideas or suggestions – feel free to comment below! :) I would appreciate it!

Have a very nice evening :)

I can’t decide – help!


5 thoughts on “I can’t decide – help!

  1. nature789 says:

    Humble is a virtue very few people have attained. Including myself. It is an aspiration and I would enjoy reading a post.

  2. Mind of Andy says:

    Thank you very much for both of your answers :) It helped me!

  3. Being humble-not enough people are humbled. If not, my second choice is helpfulness :)

  4. Thoms3n21 says:

    Being humble. It is a subject you have only pricked a little to. I’d love to hear more. :)

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