Should I be Fearful or Respecting?

As I know a lot of hardcore and underbelly people, I often hear them verbalize statements to each other which include respect. And now I can’t stop thinking of what they really mean. – Because, if I should do my best to define respect and compare it to the way most of these people live –then I come up with fear as a replacement.

Out of respect grows the willing to engage in positive solutions to different situations – and vice versa.
Out of fear grows the need to constantly think of saving our own but, along with the willing to engage in negative solutions to different situations – but not necessary vice versa.
I think we should be careful in the everyday life – “baddy” or not – about how we use the meanings of the words within our language. A lot of underbelly people could learn a lot from this simple question: do I respect or do I fear this environment/person/gang/”family”? – Therewith not said that everyone in the underbelly environment is a bad guy ;)

Just a thought on how especially gangsters use the language and converts it.
If you mean that I’ve got anything wrong then hurry to comment below!

(Is it even legal to copy pictures like this one and use them in posts? – If not, then I’m very sorry :S)

– Andy


3 thoughts on “Should I be Fearful or Respecting?

  1. Stacie Brown says:

    Just, FYI–
    No, it is not legal to copy any picture or other content on the Internet without the express written permission from the author/provider. Even if you add a caption with the source, you can still be held liable for copyright infringement if you don’t have written permission.

    That said, there are sites out there that do offer free pictures and even more picture sites you can pay for. I do think most people are usually ok with it, especially if they have on their website or page that their content is free to use for whatever purpose. Most people will allow you to use their content if you simply take the time to ask.

    I’m not sure where you got this picture, but you might try to find a place on their page that states their usage rules. Many sites have a “Legal” section or a similar link at the very bottom of the page that states their rules. If there is none, you might try emailing them or sending them a message, if you can find contact information.

    Good luck! :)

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