Is Reality-Tv our source of Inspiration?

As for inspiration, my generation has totally lost the spark. We sit in front of any screen and expect that entertainment comes flowing on our premises. It does of course, but only because some people who have thought only about their needs and not given its outcome any serious thought.

Paradise Hotel, Amalie’s World (poor world), The Kings of Marienlyst and Too Hot for Love. These are just four of the programs that have thousands and thousands of followers in the form of especially my generation. – (I can, of course, only mention programs from Denmark, as I don’t know any reality-TV from across the border)

What can we learn from these programs? That stupidity can make you famous? That it is okay to be traitorous as long as you just keep it a secret? That people with a “hotness score” of less than 8/10 are not worth anything? That Russian roulette is a garment? (A Danish reality looser once said that) – And I say looser because she lost the sence of reality.

Unfortunately, programs like these fill out and waste lots of television-time, as well as time in our lives. Yes, it’s entertaining to see how stupid a person can behave, but… for what use do we need see it? Why, dear TV people, why not spend the money on something educational, so that learning may be our entertainment? I believe that citizens of any modern society are most likely to develop interests from what they see on the screen. Today the general public is fed with a, as I see it, “*Facebook” – mentality.

Imagine if insight and training of the mind became our reality TV instead of the current lunatics with a crazy idea of how we should treat one another – version of reality!

That is what my reality’s all about. At the beginning of my teenage years I amused myself tremendous to see programs like Paradise Hotel. But I thought No! I will not be one of those who enjoy watching programs like this! So it actually became a habit for me to google true reality in the form of various spiritual, or other educational topics. And to this day I find it really satisfying, seeking this kind of entertainment, to find the way to a greater whole of humanity, and not least, to learn from me, and give advice and aid to those who have also begun to find it satisfactory.

Several of my friends do not understand why I worry and think about all these subjects, but I find it deeply interesting, exciting and entertaining. I cannot help it. A month or two was all it took before the “seeking knowledge” – habit took hold.


Gladiator equals Reality “star”!

For me, reality programs are the today’s answer to the ancient Rome’s Coliseum:

People of the same caliber (slaves) that with their stupidity (blood and violence) quickly are able to pull the audience’s attention. They are put in the same program (arena), and then the audience is either disappointed (could boo) or entertained (could cheer) from their actions in the program. (How they fought).

It’s just unfortunate that most people who watch this do not think that they actually support this idea, this almost insane behavior. – But they do, and they do it by providing program ratings. Millions of them.

What would happen if the general television guide consisted of 80 – 90% continuously entertaining, instructive, educational, addictive and above all: inspirational shows and programs, and 10 – 20% mildly entertaining, often not at all instructive, not educational, frustratingly habit-forming and uninspiring programs, instead of the current reverse? If this “not-encouraging-to-think – entertainment continues, then I’m certain that we will sink deeper and deeper down our yet to come mental psychosis.

Not to exhibit a stereotype, but just to give a picture: Imagine if the 15-year-old scooter-enthusiastic, every-week-party-participating, breakfast-beer-drinking, reality-idolizing, curse word-spewing, future-indifferent, educational-ignorant, lazy and particularly uninspired Kim from Copenhagen would suddenly become interested in how to prevent such things as depression because the innovative TV-people would not let him see anything other than such among many other programs, 80 -90% of the time?

Now, I’m not saying that everything must be about guides and techniques to deal with life’s traps. But try with something Dalai Lama as a substitute for Amalie’s World. Try some philosophy instead of Single-life. Try with some brilliant people, instead of idiotic phenomena.

If you try to make a difference, then I’m sure that our future does look a little brighter.

*Facebook mentality:

Facebook is, mostly that is, all about sharing everyday comments, ideas, opinions and experiences. That’s fine and everything, but it doesn’t go anywhere. You don’t ever get to challenge your opinions because the majority of your “friends” have almost the same opinion as you, and the ones who do not, won’t comment simply because they aren’t your real “friends”. – Just somebody that you’ve met some where…

That is my concern, when I referred to a Facebook mentality.

Do you have any questions, additions or thoughts on this subject? I would love to read it below! :)

Hope to talk with you some time!

– Andy


2 thoughts on “Is Reality-Tv our source of Inspiration?

  1. Mind of Andy says:

    Haha thank you verymuch, Mathew! :) Lovely for me to receive a shoulder-clap from you! ;)

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