Challenge the Ego

I’ve got a challenge for you guys. One that, with a little practise, can improve the way others think of you and how you feel during a conversation.

Try this:

For a whole day, DO NOT start any conversation with “I love…” – “I hate it when…” – “I don’t feel good” – or just anything where the subject is you. I’ve tried it and gosh… it really is difficult.

For what reason should we try this? – Because this will make you aware of how often we talk about ourselves and forget to care about our fellow beings. Letting go of the ego is healthy in every way, and this simple challenge is a good way to start caring about others in our daily conversation. Not that we don’t do that – but there can always be improvement.

The idea is to, as mentioned, let go of the ego. It takes some balls, because as you continue to talk about others, the ego will keep screaming “TELL SOMETHING ABOUT ME! DO IT NOW!” But wouldn’t it be nice if some one asked you about how you felt before you could even think the thought yourself? – that is the goal. So don’t worry – when people are tired of talking about them selves (some people may never be…), they will turn to you!

And I can’t tell you how good it feels to be asked about something personal rather than just flinging it out and hope for somebody to care. This challenge only requires one day of your life – but if you get the hang of it, you should definitely continue this soul-searching! :)

Have a happy day full of inspiration and learning!

– Andy


4 thoughts on “Challenge the Ego

  1. Brandita says:

    This is a great exercise–I’m going to try it! I have been wanting to practice more mindfulness and been reading Buddhist philosophy lately, which focuses on letting go of the ego. Of course, I’ll have to avoid blogging that day, as it is always in the first person ;)

  2. Thoms3n21 says:

    But in certain situations, would it not be good? For example, if you have a friend in a sad situation, maybe his/her boy- girlfriend broke up with them. THEN, would it not be a good thing to lead their thoughts to somethings else. Which easily could be done by talking about yourself.
    – Just a thought. :)

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