Inspiration vs self-promotion!

At my 16-year old age, I hear time and again comments like this: “it was me who found it” or: “ey dude, you’re a wannabe.” Some of my friends are even afraid to ask if they can mimic some of the contrivance that I spontaneously come up with. How many of you adult human beings experience the same frustrating situations? Is this just a teenage-“plague”?

Have we modern humans really been exposed to the word copyright in such a degree that we have completely lost the ability and/or desire to want to share new inventions and ideas for free? – may it be free of charge or free of feeding the ego.

THAT idea cannot win!

What if we were all one big database for large and small ideas? What if we could all work together to get the best product that we then again all could further develop and share instead of constantly competing? Competition leads to cutting corners, and cutting corners is most likely to lead to unethical business. – So why is unethical business wrong, and what is ethics all about? –That I’ll add in the near future! :)

Back to the subject.

Take, for instance, the iPad. – China had planned to stop the exports of it, just because some company in China claimed that they owned the name… I do not know whether this is true or not, but I do know that it most likely could be true. So I ask myself: why are we are the point where we stick our nails and noses in everything we can get? I’m not saying that copyright is a bad thing, but I think that it is starting to get too much thought in our everyday lives. It has come to a point where it’s just childish.

Of course I know the feeling, too. There is in my stomach too, a little puff when one of my friends perform one of my ideas, or when someone gets positive attention from my inspiring.  But then I say to myself: “Oh well, Andy, it’s good that the idea was carried out, because I got the idea for the idea’s sake, and not my own. No harm done.” And you know what? Now I’m actually starting to like this way of thinking. I get to see the smile on people’s lips, smiles that I have kind of promoted – and it makes me feel good. And no, it’s definitely not because thinking like this has transformed me into a doormat. On the contrary, it has made me stand more out as a creative person – one that the majority likes. How? – Because people are smart, and sooner or later they will figure out who really is the source of other’s inspiration, and stick with that source.

– This mindset is not only healthy and supportive in the battle against Homo sapiens’s most threatening enemy – the ego. (Why I think the ego is our main enemy will come in a later post, if you guys wouldn’t mind:))

To turn the subject around: This approach also sure is a great way for you to stand out amongst the masses. Just ask yourself this simple question: what do I prefer? Continuously seeking new ideas to get short-term attention, popularity and satisfaction and living a small bit of everyone else’s life? Or do you prefer promoting others to gain long-term attention, love and satisfaction , by just living out your creative, inspirational you? Ever heard of “givers gain”?

I definitely think that we must turn ourselves to think along those lines where the goal is working together, and not letting the ego win.

This was my “brainstorm” on inspiration and how people use it. Next I will try to expand my thoughts about the subject a little further.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a very happy rest-of-your-day – day!

Have you got anything to add or do you question anything about my post? Feel free to comment below! :)


3 thoughts on “Inspiration vs self-promotion!

  1. vaymin says:

    Thank you for visiting my site. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts on copyrighting. I find it interesting that you think humanity’s main problem is ego and look forward to reading more :)

  2. Mind of Andy says:

    I can’t stop smiling :)
    And I can’t express how much I appreciate your comment! And I absolutely love that you keep following me.
    Maybe I should add your “then the money follows to pay the bills” – so that people don’t think that I dislike money :S
    Have a very happy day, dear Bittercharm :)

  3. bittercharm says:

    It is amazing to see how someone of your age (Complimenting) has understood a basic thing that we adults refuse to do. Creating for the sake of creating and not for money or any materialistic reason brings the best out of the creator (then the money follows to pay the bills). Putting a name on everything is like a Beast defining his territory in wild by pissing all over it. Its time we dwell just on what we have to offer than the returns we may get. Loved your work here Andy.. Let the Andyism flow.

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