Positive nomatter what!

First of all I believe that a positive attitude is always to be preferred – in every situation. Secondly I believe that there is something positive to everything. And yes, I mean everything . This might seem foolish or silly, but try to look beyond that border for just a few minutes – because it might get inspirational ;)

Imagine you being fired from a lousy job – what a great opportunity to seek new ways.

Imagine you being fired from your dream-job – how good that you now have a lot of things to take with you in your bag. It is way easier to find a new job now, than if you didn’t have  that dream-job in the first place!

Imagine your having no income the next 6 months – what a great test of your creativity! You might even find that you don’t even need half of the stuff you normally buy.

Imagine you getting kicked out of your home – again, what a neat opportunity to test your creativity and durability. You might end up losing the pounds that you with your dream-job could afford to eat your way to. Don’t lose hope!

Let’s ramp it up a little – don’t call my heartless now. I’m just trying to stay positive!

Imagine your parents die an unexpected death – what a great possibility to learn about how not giving up hope can completely change your life to the better.

Imagine your husband or wife dies – what a great opportunity to learn how to live with such a loss instead of getting depressed. Maybe you’ve learned a great lot of things to take with you to your next relationship.

Imagine your kids die (I nearly wept a tear there…) – I know that your children can’t be replaced, but now you’ve got the chance to start over. Build up a family again, but differently. And imagine all the freedom you have until you do.

I’m not saying that mourning and sorrow is wrong, because it isn’t. But I know that a lot of people tend to “over-mourn”, which can lead to great displeasure and doesn’t lead to any positive changes.

In one way, all life is about is failure à reflection à improvement à better life quality.

If you really try your hardest, you will find a little snitch of positive material in any situation!

It was never my intention to hurt anybody. I myself felt a huge anvil on my chest writing this, so I am very sorry if I caused some kind of sadness. I just wanted to share my way of thinking, and please do not misunderstand me :)

Have you got any questions, problems or suggestions? Feel free to comment below or contact me here:


Love your life and have a very nice day!

–          Andy :)


9 thoughts on “Positive nomatter what!

  1. Jera says:

    Inihsgts like this liven things up around here.

  2. marie celis says:

    We have nothing to lose. To think that we do, is an illusion. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”
    I love your attitude.

  3. I like that you took an unconventional approach to the thought that through something very sad, an individual can leverage that experience to gain happiness and continue to grow.

    Side note: I gotta be honest, I don’t know how your brain got so “tuned” into the world around you at 16 but I am excited for the way your take on it will inevitably pulse a more positive vibe though all you connect with…and that is pretty excellent. Keep it up Andy!

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Thank you very much, You!
      I’m smiling gratefully as i read the compromise :D
      And an explanation to my brain might be that I was born with an aesthetic intelligence. Or that is what I have been told ;)
      Thanks once again! :)

  4. akwae says:

    Reblogged this on Akwa's Blog and commented:
    DUDE!! this is some deep shit! I’m loving it. I think the idea that any circumstance good or bad ALWAYS has a learning opportunity is the best way to eliminate depression, which is the main hindrance to growth (progress). More grease to your elbows brov ONE LOVE

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Damn, I thought I had made a reply to your lovely comment :P
      Thank you so much for the supprt, Akwae :) It means a lot!
      Have a nice whatever it is in your timezone ;)

  5. Mind of Andy says:

    Hehe glad to hear that I’m not alone on this! :)
    I would like to have a look at that story, so bring it on!
    Keep on writing, Jennifer, and I hope that you don’t loose yourself! :)

  6. You have a very similar pattern of thinking to myself :)
    Sometimes it’s really hard to see life this way, and often times some pain-without-seeing-the-bright-side is essential after big losses or hard stresses, but then getting to the other side lets us see in retrospect that there was a bright side. There is a great ancient story about this that is popular in Buddhist thought, perhaps I’ll find it and come back and post it here :)

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