Dancing Fools

A truly inspiring story about friendship :)



I only have one memory of school dances and it is this: standing around in a big circle of friends, trying to look like someone who’s having fun, and hoping not to be noticed. This is the plight of all teenage girls who can’t dance, and most likely all teenagers in general. No one feels the watchful eyes of others more than insecure adolescents.

I have had many, many awkward moments in my life. They have all felt exactly like standing in that circle. I have tried to make a joke out of them. I have laughed at my shortcomings. I have tried to deflect attention away from my discomfort. But I’ve failed, each time, to arrange my face the right way. My expressions always reveal everything. I’m not a good liar.

Which is good, because I don’t want to lie. What it took me far too long to…

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2 thoughts on “Dancing Fools

  1. Thanks so much, Andy! :). I’m truly honored.

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