Learning to Learn

Very inspirational for any teacher and engaged student out there! Give it a few minutes :)

Pakistan Policy Ideas

A school is not a conveyor belt
A number of times in recent past when I have tried to discuss, with children of my friends and across 8-16 age group, what they are studying in class, which subjects, what they like and do not, and how they are being taught, I have found some very disturbing patterns. Most of the children do not read beyond the curriculum, and even within that, and as early as grade 8 a lot of them depend on study guides and such help to make sense of their textbooks and rely too much on notes that they take from their teachers. There is a lot of dependence on rote learning as well. All of the above is true for even children going to elite schools. And there is too much dependence on spoon-feeding, from teachers, study guides as well as tuition…

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