We fear to break unhealthy habits!

The modern world is imbued with fear.

Fear of losing a job. Fear of robbery.  Fear of losing our loved ones. Fear of someone to control our lives. Fear of having no greater power to guide us. Fear of being alone. Fear of moving together. Fear of losing the things we trough hard work and tears have purchased, while a fear of using the money that society needs so badly. At least this is how Denmark’s status is in these years.

Fears such as fear for robbery or losing our loved ones are more “accepted” fears than fear of spending money or fear of being controlled. But I believe that we trough training of the mind, can learn to control and maybe even embrace our fears – no matter which. For instance, our fear for robbery can be cured with a development of trust to strangers. Just like they do in most of Canada. No one lock their doors over there – they just trust each other. And fear of being controlled can be cured by engaging in knowledge. Thinking for ourselves. Developing a distrust to the authorities is very healthy for an honest society. As long as we keep it to a professional level – by asking and conversing instead of rioting and killing. But I will be talking about the more personal fears such as the common fear to change.

Fear begets fear in the sense that we are afraid of breaking unhealthy, but comfortable habits. For instance:

Have you ever tried breaking out of an unhealthy eating habit, but found it too complicated or unpleasant?  Or:

Have you ever tried to break out of negative behavior but found positive behavior too demanding?

Have you ever tried to push yourself towards a 30-minute-daily-motion-cyckle?

 We all know that unhealthy food, negative behavior and not exercising is bad for us, but our tendency to prefer comfort here and now overwhelms our lust to improve in a long-term perspective. Bad habits must be broken so that we can get out of our unnecessary circle of “digging a deeper hole”.

There is a fantastic little thing about habits:

Habits are more comfortable to perform once they have been converted into … habits!

So jump into the cold turkey! Jump into the conversion of the negative behavior! Jump into pushing yourself into an uncomfortably situation! (But positive of course) ;)

Embrace it!

We need to learn to embrace the unknown, look deeply into its eyes, tame it and use it as a new force in life’s Pokémon deck! Let us hope that the jump blindfolded becomes a desire for us – because spiritual evolution can only take place when we explore the unknown.                 Can I prove it? Yes, I think I can!

Just look at how the U.S.A. is permeated by a collective fear of not having money to the neck, food for their bellies and firearms to the hands. The government is pumping into their heads, that this is how they should live their lives, but why? So that the upper 5-10 % can get a continuously growing wallet – that’s why. Consumerism is the keyword here. Most citizens of the U.S.A. never think for themselves, and it’s clearly shown by how they look, “think” and behave. A wonderful quote from George Carlin says: “I’m not a very good American, because I like to form my own opinions”. – This is the true American dream.

A bit of cynical truth from the great George Carlin:

“America is a so-called “free” country. It means that the government is free to decide which information gets out, and which small group of people gets their hands on the money. And I nearly forgot – the country was founded by a group of slave-owners who spoke of how every man is free! So basically the U.S.A. is founded on a pile of bullshit.”                            – Not being informed about, how unhealthy habits (consumerism) can be converted into healthy ones, most of them never ask themselves: “what is on the other side?” – And that, I think, is the proof that conquering ones “fears” is the key to spiritual evolution.

But I’m not saying that America is all bad, because it definitely isn’t. A lot of great and healthy minds walk around the streets of America. Sadly most of them remain silent and unheard.

Some also suggest that the tendency to fear has something to do with their health care system – and I strongly believe that, too. For we know that if the middle or lower class becomes seriously ill, then it may be “game over”.In Denmark we have the world’s best healthcare system and the world’s highest tax. It means that no matter what class you are, you can always go to the hospital free of charge. And your children are permitted a long youngster life of free education. And that’s a HUGE factor for us to be announced as one of the happiest people on earth.

Thanks for reading this far!

I will try my hardest to get a brand new post up once a day :)

How do you think unhealthy habits can be converted, and what do you think makes a happy people? I am always open-minded to discussion and disagreements!

Leave a comment, rate, like or even share this to anywhere appropriate! :)



18 thoughts on “We fear to break unhealthy habits!

  1. Estelle_0630 says:

    Andy, I love your writing style. This post spoke to me, as I’ve been working on converting some bad habits myself. Some of which, like coffee, I enjoy but aren’t good for me.

    Fear can be crippling. I loved your statement that an act is more comfortable once it becomes a habit.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      I’m glad this made sense to you, in the way it did! :)
      And I’m honored to get comments from people who are honest to themselves, so thank you :)
      Have a great habit-changing life! ;)

  2. ShimonZ says:

    I’m not an American, but I have visited that country, and I have a great respect for it. My impression is, that either you haven’t spent any time there, or if you have, it’s not been enough time. You should know that the Greeks in Athens who first built a democratic society, also had slaves. In fact, the freedom to vote and to influence their society was given to less than 20% of the population. When I visited the US, I found a really free society, and many independent people who had no trouble voicing unconventional thoughts and ideas. It is true that commercialism has enslaved many people there, and American commercialism has also become very popular in a great many other countries, but when I read your words on the US, I have the feeling that you are prejudiced.

    As for Canada, and their not locking their doors… I think that sounds very nice. But I have lived in a society where people did not lock their doors, and it works until you yourself have experienced being robbed. Being robbed or raped or being taken advantage of is very difficult, and it really can change your mood. I don’t wish it on you, but perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to get to know some of the people who have suffered unjustified attacks in their lives. It might help you to understand fear. There is such a thing as ‘unreasonable fear’. And then there is justifiable ‘fear’. Not all fear is wrong. Some fears save us unnecessary pain and sorrow.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      Of course there is a ton of great and awesome things going on in the U.S. . I simply just needed an “easy prey” to compare with. I am sorry if you misunderstood me.

      I do know a lot of people who have been either raped, robbed, or been taken advantage of etc. But I choose to believe that it is far better to live “unsafe” always and enjoy that time fully, than it is to constantly wondering wether the door is locked or not. Of course rape is a big deal, but you know what I mean.. :)

      Thank you so much for this reality-awakening comment! :)

  3. littleboone says:

    Great essay. Your opinion is based on your viewpoint of the USA and of course it’s going to be different from others who live in the USA like I do.

    You are giving too much power to the US government. It’s those with the most money who are controlling this country. We have made it legal for money to buy influence by passing of laws which allow it.

    In the 40s and 50s it was a crime for lawmakers to accept favors, gifts and money for voting a certain way. If we could somehow get money out of politics, our country could once again become great. Until then we will limp along singing our soulful songs wondering where all of the opportunities went.

    Do you have any ideas of how to get money out of politics? We need input and then the will to make it happen.

  4. tarunss says:

    Wow, you are a great writer for being so young, and you have so much interesting stuff to say. Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to check out more.

  5. Mind of Andy says:

    We should definitely keep in touch, Corinne! :)
    And you’re welcome! Thank you for visiting and commenting My blog!
    I don’t know if you’ve read it, but I will not be able to write/post until about two weeks from now :(
    Hope to talk to you soon anyways! :)

  6. Corinne Shields says:

    Hi Andy

    Really enjoyed this post. Am also trying to do a daily blog on trying to live better. Tomorrow, funnily enough, is about change and habits. We should keep in touch!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog at soulsnet.com.

  7. Mind of Andy says:

    Thank you very much for your comment :)
    And yes, we do conquer fears on a daily basis, but there still are a lot of bigger fears, that we need to look at to improve our society as I see it!
    Thank YOU for dropping by MY blog, Ansu! :)

  8. ansuyo says:

    Fear is difficult for many to conquer, but in the real world, don’t we conquer fears every day without much thought? This is especially true about the new things we do. Fear often goes away when we realize it had little basis in reality for most. Having recovered from a phobia, however, I know it’s much more complicated than that. You present some very good points. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Angie

  9. Mind of Andy says:

    You are very right, sadly. But we must keep informing others about how to overcome them :)
    Thanks for your comment.

  10. Seems to me that the hardest thing in the world to give up is our fear. We’ll sacrifice our happiness, our peace of mind, our homes, give up on relationships and loved ones, all before given up our fear. The thing that poisons us is our most precious possession.

  11. Mind of Andy says:

    I am happy that you gave yourself the time to give me this refreshing comment, Sue! :)

  12. Coach Sue says:

    You have much to say Andy. Cynical too. Keeping an open mind about what is possible is what keeps hope alive. No one is perfect as you read in my blog “perfection is overrated, and thank god that is the case. As I am a nurse I am all over the right for everyone to have healthcare, and it is complicated. Sorry to say, change happens slowly here in the good old usa.

    Sue Bock

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