Worldpeace or school? Can I get both?

Everyday I think about the world and all the people in it. There are so many poor souls out there – looking for war and not love. I’m not going to be all Bob Marley’ish – I will try to put a more scientific view on things, and why we have war and not peace.

What bothers me too, is that I have no one to share my concerns with. And my dear mother wants me to focus more on the school. But no matter how hard I try, my thoughts are always all around the world

So here I am – blogging! :)

All right, so here’s what bothers me:

The Christians say that we all come from Adam and Eve. Scientists say that we are of the same group of approx. 2000 people in South Africa. Why should we discuss all the details about the origin of our existence? There are more important and relevant problems out there. Not all things need to be explained, stretched out and explored in detail. If someone pulls out a sheet from four different sites to see exactly how the surface looks like, they stop before the sheet is broken in half.

Stopping is precisely what we must do now.

Our mentality is being stretched out because of our self-important curiosity. It slowly breaks from within. By saying that, I refer to the continuously growing consumerism and materialism. We forget to care for one another.Perhaps because of our inability to relax. Perhaps because of our “need” to always go longer, deeper and higher. But we forget to develop ourselves, our spirit. We want to travel to outer space to build colonies and discover strange life forms – so we pack our brainy minds and completely forget about compassion. But we do not even dare to leave our possessions behind in fear of burglary – so we can get up there! What about focusing on building up a strong network of compassion, so that everyone can help everyone into outer space?

Instead we just grow long enough arms to reach whatever is needed for each individuals own survival – never thinking about the many hands reaching out from other directions.

I am ashamed! Embarrassed to be a part of this species’ tendency to evolve trough arrogance and to extinction – instead of evolving trough compassion to solidarity.

I feel embarrassed when i slowly realize how we all do not care for the indian man, who probably has to settle with a life time of 45 years due to the extremely unhealthy gasses that the clothes’ color produce, and a 5 pounds/hour hire due to the white man’s desire to make profit.

I’m not saying that competition and struggle is wrong but when I look at how millions of people cheat and lie their way to the “rich but never satisfied” – club, I get damn frustrated! Partly because they take away other’s share – partly because I know, that most of them (the ones with the awareness of their wrongdoings) can’t go to work with a healthy ethical feeling in their guts.  And their constantly growing fear of losing their power. And that is unhealthy for a society.

Thus not said that I am against development or rich people, because I am not. But sadly, many rich people decide to hurt others on their way to “develop” the world.

But I also know that we in the last 200 years have evolved materially more than the last 20,000 years. Of course we have also developed mentally, because we no more have slaves … or … in the most of the world we do not. And we do not look down on black people, or hurt our family. Or…?

–          According to statistics there are approximately 27,000,000 adult slaves around the world, and approx. 250,000,000 child laborers.

–          The media are constantly focusing on black peoples’ misdeeds, but subconsciously. Many newscasters put constant emphasis on black criminals, and many have a tendency to completely forget the white man’s rude behavior.

–          Parents leave their children at home with a bucket of homework, so they can spend all day away from their families – living their “second lives”.

Subconsciously many parents exercise mental abuse by having too busy just wanting to move up the prestige ladder to get jobs, which again require longer work hours, so they then can sink deeper into their work.

This was my first of many, many posts about the society. I hope you liked it!

Every comment is highly appreciated and every share is… well, just wonderful :)

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2 thoughts on “Worldpeace or school? Can I get both?

  1. HulyaY says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog site and liking my new posts. I look forward to acquainting myself with your work – as soon as I have my act together in my current Summer Intensive teaching schedule. In the meantime, happy blogging -outside your announced times “away”, that is. Thank you once again for your visit.

    • Mind of Andy says:

      You are very welcome, dear :)
      I look forward to more of your work, too!
      Thank you very much for this reply and for wishing me a happy time of blogging! :)
      See you out there!

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