Political, power crazy teachers!

As I was sitting and writing some blog-ideas down in my notebook at the public library, I happened to overhear five young students talking about how to make the kindergarten more efficient subject-wise, to streamline it. What should kids excel at, when they “graduate” from kindergarten?

WHAT? Even the government’s intention to mold primary school children into evolving a blind faith in institutional education sickens me.

But kids that are six years or even younger!? This is an assignment that a rational human being, a teacher, stated!
Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!

Creativity needs not to be taught.

People are born with knowing – feeling, in fact, what their ancestors did not, what they did wrong, and how to fix it all again. Evolution is more than just the physical body, you know. Groups like the Native Americans knew this and had a beautiful lifestyle; one of the biggest reasons being holding on to this wise wisdom.

Why else would they have won so many hearts throughout the world?

For exploring? Conquering? No, I think not. Simply because of the very lifestyle that implemented, among other things, the wisdom carried and promoted from birth. Did you ever try to look deep into an asking child’s eyes? Touching, isn’t it? Did you son or daughter ever ask you: “dad, why are they fighting?”. Children do not understand. But they do not not understand because of ignorance, but because they never felt a reason to ever create such situations. For them, it is not legit to fight anyone. It simply doesn’t make sense in a child’s mind. Fighting is something we learn from outside. We are all born with loving everybody. Sadly this trait fades much, much too soon in today’s society.

As said between the lines, we are still the same species, only different geographical locations. Our children today still has this ancient, ancient knowledge. If you let them be creative after their own minds, not yours, ours, and learn to observe the process, you will discover hoe ingenious even your very own child is.

Let them guide you and we shall soon take control of society again. For right now, even though high-esteemed people think they’ve got it all figured out, society has got us clenching our balls. Too many people have LOST their balls due to too much clenching , and these are the ones that will tell you to follow order, be in line, tell you that your job and your personal life are two different things and whatnot… Ballshit I say.

Government! Leave them be as they want!

You ALWAYS have a choice in EVERYthing you do.

The reason behind this post and thought is the fact that my mom is working. A lot. And eeevery time she comes home again, I have to hear all kinds of negative pep-talks about her colleagues and how stupid or childish they (almost) all are. And they really are. I’ve met some of them and observed some of the unjust situations my mom put herself in, and it leads me to ask… Wow, some of these people are unbelievable. How does this school still exist?

And of course this leads to stress which she is heavily affected by, which again leads to negativity and emotions running high in the living room.

But mom, you HAVE a choice. Now, when I say this to her (and I’ve kind of given up on it now), she argues that her house, her car, all of her thousands of small, soul sucking trinkets and hard-earned possessions are more important to her than her wellbeing. I’ve even offered that we get rid of the car and the house and move into a small, inexpensive flat so that she/we can afford to be jobless. She refuses and states that her wealth is more important. This is where I start to cry inside. I love my mom, and I do not wish to see her suffer… Oh, how she suffers.

But to all of you out there, who might be in similar situations… There is always a choice!

The ONLY thing standing between making the hard choice and not doing so, are your very own internal boundaries. Boundaries, norms, you might say, that western society keeps promoting with all of its nonsense advertising, marketing and childish propaganda. What’s the point? What do we get from this? What do we want from this?

Is it not happiness that we all seek? All desire? Know that happiness has nothing to do with external factors. Nothing at all. Happiness thrives and resides in your heart, moves to the rhythm of your own steady pulse, flows in your veins with the very blood that keep you alive, pulses to your brain with inspiring ideas and changes. Changes.

That is what it takes to make that decision of favoring your heart over the mind. Change the regime of Mind, to obey the pure wisdom of Heart. Accomplish this and I promise any psychiatrist will not have a better answer. For this is what it all comes down to. This is, scientifically speaking, how our genes are designed.

And even if you DO end up living like a hobo, so what? Millions of people do it on a daily basis. I’ve tried it. Even though it was just for one month, I have still learnt what modern society had failed to teach. To succeed at being houseless all boils down to having less boundaries and bigger creativity. These two factors will create the third element, motivation, so that you may never forget them later in life. When we let ourselves fill our actions and thoughts with the creativity that necessity creates, THEN you are ready to go back to the very thing you started with, and failed at; living a modern life with no sign of stress.

Have a very nice evening, and as always, thanks for reading. (:

Ranting about the amount of “genuinity” out there

My friends are not the same anymore. They are growing up to become what they see and hear on TV. I have been away in different countries and cultures for half a year because I wanted to get away from this; I wanted to be myself and to meet people from different cultures that wanted the same. Not just drink beer on Christmas Brew Day (I think it is mainly a Danish phenomenon where the big companies release some kind of new Christmas beer the 1st of September), and everybody is hyped because of this special beer. But why? When I ask them, they say “I don’t know”.

My friends are all in the middle of what we call gymnasium – a kind of three-year degree you have to take before applying to a university. But.. They have no fucking clue about what they are doing! They go to school either affected by weed of with hangovers – rarely with any real intention of learning. Yeah they all Continue reading

We are the smartest beings on earth, but dumb as hell..

Everybody in my personal life – all in their own discrete ways – keeps blabbering up about how clever mankind is, how intelligent we are. They say things like “mice didn’t invent the internet – we did. Cows didn’t invent railroads – we did. Dogs didn’t invent chairs & tables – we, mankind did.”

And there is, of course, no argument against this. We ARE the most intelligent beings that we know of on this planet.

But are we wise enough to carry this intelligent mind around? We invented tools to make life easier a couple of hundred thousand years ago, but were we wise enough not to take life from one another? We invented the flamethrower for the average poor farmer in the Middle East, not to make thousands of children fatherless in the Vietnam War & probably many other places as well.

We were intelligent enough to invent the nuclear bomb & planes carrying it, but with what intend?  Was it wise to destroy entire families using just that?

Yes! We are very intelligent indeed. But are we wise enough?

I doubt it.

I’m glad to know that you’re sticking with me this far, and I hope you feel the same tension in your chest as I do thinking of this.