Andy on God – A Realistic View

I do believe in a greater something, yes. But I’m definitely not religious, nor an atheist.

I believe in Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed as much as I believe in Attila the Hun, Caesar and Alexander the Great – simply because of years and years of research. (Not by me, though) ;)

If you don’t believe in any of the religious guys, then give this thought a… thought:

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When Life Happens

Mind of Andy:

A very inspirational blog and girl from Mombasa, Kenya! :) Take a read!

Originally posted on Beautiful Rumi:


Where do I start?

It has been the longest while since I have been here. Honestly speaking I have had lots of missing you times…


Well, my life took an unexpected welcome turn and I just had to go with the flow. I have finally got my footing, though for a while it felt like I was drifting helplessly.

These past weeks, I have gotten a crash course on life. I have made for myself life altering decisions in a matter of minutes. It has been the scariest moment in my life and yet most rewarding.

I have found myself making some of the world’s biggest mistakes, this one hurts the most. There is nothing as irritating,painful and gut wrenching as cognitive dissonance. This I have had an overdose for a while. Living and appreciating each day as it comes is suddenly having a new meaning in my life.

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